Lakrisin (lacrisyn)

LAKRISIN (Lacrisyn).
     Water 0.6% gidroksipropilmetiltsellyulozy solution with the addition of preservatives and stabilizer.
     Transparent viscous.
     Applied as eye drops to protect the cornea reduced lachrymal fluid secretions, as "dry eye syndrome" and to accelerate epithelization cornea.
     Enter usually drops to 1-2 in konyuktivalny bag 2-3 times a day. You can enter to 1-2 drops every hour.
     Препарат не применяют в острой фазе химического ожога глаз (до полного удаления химического вещества и некротизированных тканей). It should not be simultaneously appoint eye drops containing salt metals (zinc sulfate, etc.).
     Product : solution (eye drops) in 10 ml vials.
     STORAGE : in the dark place at a temperature of 15 to 25 ° C.
     According to the lakrisin close to Lakoftal "drugs" and "Lakrisifi."

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