Latsidipin (lacidipine)

    ЛАЦИДИПИН (Lacidipine).
4-tert-Butyl ether glycol 4-[ortho-[2-karboksivinil] phenyl] 1,4-dihydro-2, 6 - dimethyl-3, 5-piridinkarbonovoy acid.
     Synonym : Latsipil, Lacipil.
     Refers to calcium channel blockers for long periods. No impact on automatic sinusnogo node sokratimost wire system attacks and heart.
     Quickly and completely absorbed in the digestive tract, while the bioavailability greater than 10% (from the "first pass effect" through the liver), C max is 30-150 minutes,
  T? - 13-19 h; displayed mostly with feces.
     Applied with arterial hypertension.
     Assign inside. Initial dose of 0,002 grams (2 mg) one time a day (morning). After 3-4 weeks the daily dose increased with the need to 0,004-0,006 grams (4-6 mg).
     Side effects and contraindications are the same as those nifedipina.
     Product : pills to 0,002-and 004 grams (7 N., 14, 28, 56).

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