Labetalol (labetalol)

LABETALOL (Labetalol) *. 5-[1-Oksi-2- [(1 - ethyl) -3 - fenilpropil) - amino] ethyl] salitsilamid or 2-hydroxy [1-hydroxy] -2-[(1-methyl phenyl-propyl) - amino] ethyl] benzamid (hydrochloride).
     C inonimy : Abetol, Albetol, Amipress, Ipolab, Labetol, Labrocol, Lamitol, Opercol, Presolol, Trandate, Trandol
     Is b-adrenoblokatorom, while providing a one-adrenoblokiyuschee effect.
     The combination of b-adrenoblokiruyuschego and peripheral vazodilatatornogo act provides a safe antihypertensive effect. The drug does not significantly affect the magnitude and frequency of the cardiac ejection of heart.
     Labetalol applied to lower blood pressure in hypertension varying degrees. Unlike conventional b-adrenoblokatorov it provides fast antihypertensive effect.
     Labetalol rapidly absorbed by ingestion. Half-time blood plasma at about 4 p.m. Write from the body mainly in the form of urine inactive metabolites.
     Inside, appointed in the form of tablets (in food) to 0.1 g (100 mg) 2 3 times a day. When heavy dose forms of hypertension increased. Average daily doses of 600-1000 mg of 2 - 4 admission. For maintenance therapy applied to one tablet (100 mg) two times a day.
     In PNDS crises impose labetalol slow intravenous dose of 20 mg (2 ml of 1% solution). If necessary, repeat injections at intervals 10 minutes. Preferably impose labetalol as Infusion. To grow 1% of the injection solution in ampoules isotonic solution of sodium chloride or glucose concentrations up to 1 mg / ml. Enter a speed of 2 ml (2 mg) per minute. Usually needed dose of 50 to 200 mg.
     Intravenous introduction to in-patient status in the patient lying (in a rapid and significant decrease in blood pressure).
     In applying labetalola possible dizziness (as a phenomenon postural hypotension), headaches, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, feeling fatigue, skin itch,
     Labetalol contraindicated in patients expressed congestive heart failure, atrioventrikulyarnoy embargo, but in recent years there is evidence of the favorable impact of intravenous labetalola systematized, and vnutriserdechnuyu regionarnuyu hemodinamics in patients in the early stages of myocardial infarction.
     Bronhiolospazma drug usually is, but in bronchial asthma patients should proceed with caution.
     Method of production : tablets of 0.1 and 0.2 g (100 and 200 mg) to 30 and 100 pieces in the package; 1% injection in ampoules to 5 ml (50 mg in the ampoule).
     Storage : List B. In the dark spot.

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