Yodonat (iodonatum)

YODONAT (Iodonatum).
     An aqueous solution of surface-active substances with iodine.
     Liquid dark brown color with low iodine smell. Blending with water in any ratio. Contains about 4, 5% iodine.
     The drug has bactericidal activity that is not only the content of iodine, and surface-active media. Active against intestinal bacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, Protea, Bluepus wand; Also has fungicide properties.
     Applied as antiseptic for skin decontamination operating margins, as a substitute solution of iodine in alcohol. (See).
     Drink solution containing 1% free iodine. This planting of a source solution yodonata 4, 5 times sterile distilled water or boiled. The resulting 1% solution cuticles twice the operating field of operation. Additional leather alcohol is not required. Before applying to the skin, joints, re-treat the wound edge 1% solution.
     Product : 1 and 2 liter bottles with orange glass jars congestion, with the original product (4 - 5% of free iodine).
     Storage : in the dark place at room temperature.

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