Yodolipol (iodolipolum)

YODOLIPOL (Iodolipolum). Synonyms : Iodatol, Iodipin, Iodolein, Lipiodol. Iodized oil. Oily liquid burovato- yellow or yellow. Almost nerastvorim in water, very little is soluble in alcohol. By smell and taste reminds castor oil.
     Miscible any relationship with ether, chloroform. Contains 29 31% iodine.
     Applied as a means of contrasting or x-rays of the trachea and bronchi, uterine and tubal (bronhografiya, metrology and salpingografiya).
     For bronhografii introduce product through catheter inserted through the nasal cavity in the box (by x-ray). Pre make careful anaesthesia rear wall of the pharynx, trachea, bronchus and trachea bifurkatsii.
     Adults first imposed 2 - 5 ml yodolipola and add up to 10-20 ml (20 ml for the study did not use one hand).
     Children aged 10 - 12 years to use up to 8 ml, and young children - 3 - 5 ml.
     To better fill the parts easily attach to a patient's situation.
     In a time investigating only one side.
     The second side investigating at least 5 to 6 days.
     In vykashlivanii yodolipola patient should not swallow it. Admission food and drink are allowed no earlier than 2 to 3 h after study.
     Bronhografiya with yodolipolom not suitable for the general condition of patients with cardiac decompensation activities anevrizme of breast disorders, bilateral diffuse emphysema lung during acute, severe inflammatory processes occur in the lungs.
     For metrology and salpingografii enter into the uterus 3 to 4 ml of the drug. The first snapshot made immediately after its introduction, the second (for passage tubal) - 10 - 15 min.
     After 15 to 20 minutes after most of the products displayed by reducing the uterus. Part of the drug remaining in the uterine cavity, resolved. Irritation mucous membranes pipes and endoteliya no cavities.
     Product : in ampoules to 5; 10 and 20 ml.
     Storage : potted in ampoules in a cool place protected from the light.
     Storage possible education neznachitelioy mist; After vzbaltyvaniya liquid should be transparent to witness in the ongoing daylight.

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