Yodoform (iodoformium)

YODOFORM (Iodoformium).
     Synonyms : Triyodmetan, Formiltriyodid, Formylum triiodatum.
     Small dried shiny crystals or powder melkokristallichesky lemon yellow with a sharp smell characteristic sustainable. Almost nerastvorim in water, soluble in alcohol difficult (1:75), soluble in ether, chloroform.
     External applied as a means of antiseptics prisypok, ointments for the treatment of infected wounds and ulcers.
     Product : powder.
     Storage : a well ukuporennoy packaging keeps out of light in a cool place.
     Rp. : 10.0 Iodoformii
     D.S. Powder
     Rp. : Lodoformii 2, 5
     Vaselini ad 25 0
     M.F. ung.
     D.S. Ma divided

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