Yodamid (iodamid)

YODAMID (Iodamid). 3-Atsetamidometil-5- atsetamido-2, 4, 6-triyodbenzoynaya acid.
     Synonym : Acidum ametriodicum.
     The white crystalline powder; Very little is soluble in water.
     For the basic chemical structure similar to triombrastu (acid). He also triyodsoderzhaschim drug.
     Available as a means rentgenokontrastnogo yodamida300 and yodamida-380 injection (Iodamidum- Z00 e Iodamidum t-r 380 p on injectionibus).
     Yodamid-300 is the solution of N-metilglyukaminovoy yodamida salt (65%) and yodamid-380-solution mixture of sodium salts and N-metilglyukaminovoy yodamida (80%).
     Transparent colourless or light yellow liquid; PH 6, 5, 7, 7; 1 ml yodamida a Z00-300 mg iodine, 1 ml yodamida-380-380 mg iodine.
     Yodamid applied for angiography (aortografii, angiokardiografii, peripheral arteriography and flebografii, selective angiography, cerebral angiography) and urografii, in patients with eabolevaniyami vessels, heart, kidney, urinary tract and other organs.
     For angiokardiografii give peripheral veins and directly into the heart cavity 30-50 ml yodamida-380 (10 to 30 mL / s). For use with aortografii rearguard (vnutriarterialnom) introduction yodamid-380 at a cost of 0.5 to 1, 0 mL / kg (25-35 mL / sec), with intravenous-1 ml / kg (up to 100 ml per injection), introducing 18 20 ml per second.
     In peripheral arteriography and flebografii, introducing artery or vein in the upper limbs of 15 - 30 ml, and the lower limbs-20-40-300 ml yodamida or yodamida-380 (8 - 12 ml / sec).
     For cerebral angiography apply only yodamid-300. Enter 6-10 ml (5 to 15 ml / sec).
     For ekskretornoy urografii give Vein 20 ml yodamida or yodamida-300-380 (0.3 - 0.5 mL / s). Industrial production in 5 to 12 min after injection. Assign an adult to 40 ml yodamida or yodamida-300-380 (0.3 - 0.5 mL / s). Intravenous drip used in adults mixture of 80 ml yodamida or yodamida-300-380 and 80 ml of 5% glucose solution (20 drops in 30 minutes).
     For intraoral introduction to throw yodamid isotonic sodium chloride solution, or 5% glucose solution to a 30% solution yodamida.
     Retrogradno give urinary ways usually 6 to 8 ml (under X-ray and visual control). In the bladder impose 100-200 ml.
     Possible complications precautions, contraindications are the same as for triombrasta.
     Product : in 20 ml ampoules.
     Storage : Cold, the dark spot.

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