YOD- Akti

     Iodine asset organic iodine compound, built in the milk protein molecules. Similar natural iodine compounds, which we have already begun with the first drop of milk.
The uniqueness "Yod- asset" is that it iodum-intellectus "intelligent iodine : iodine deficiency - active peers, and in abundance - out of the body, not moving in the Thyroid gland. This happens because the iodine from milk protein disrupted by the action of the liver enzyme, which worked with iodine deficiency. When enough iodine in the body, these enzymes are not defined and "Yod- asset displayed by natural means, not vsasyvayas in blood.
As to "Yod- asset : Adults for 1-2 pills a day for children aged 12 years and 1 tablet a day.
To guarantee the correct yoddefitsita to take "Yod- asset in 2 months; Further, after weeks of interruption rates. Courses : 30 days, one week.
To achieve sustainable results to the regular admission preparation.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Council for Control of Iodine recommended daily levels of iodine intake :
50 ug for infants (first 12 months)
90 ug for young children (up to 7 years)
120 ug for children from 7 to 12 years
150 µ g for adults (age 12 and over)
200 ug for pregnant and lactating women
The reception "Yod- asset" should be borne in mind that food intake of iodine is 40-50 ug per day.
Contraindications not identified. If necessary to consult with a physician.
What is iodine-know everything. We use it in alcohol solution for scratches and wounds.
But there are other iodine. Iodine for domestic consumption, which is known mainly doctors. It is from the 65% of thyroid hormones.
Attention! Strictly forbidden to take into alcohol solution of iodine.
Thyroid Hormone, which is the basis of iodine, perform vital functions. They are responsible for the metabolism of the whole organism, managing the flow of protein, fat and carbohydrates. These hormones regulate the brain and nervous system, sexuality and breast growth and development of the child.
Studies conducted in recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) in the world, showed that the level of mental development (rate intelligence IQ) is directly related to iodine.
Hormones violations caused by iodine deficiency, are often outwardly express character, and therefore yoddefitsit known as "hidden hunger". Most of the children suffer hunger : it is difficult to school to learn new skills.
Lack of iodine as a construction element of thyroid hormone, is often the underlying cause of many diseases.
Emotional : irritability, subdueed mood, sleepiness, weakness, forgetfulness, had an inexplicable sadness, the deterioration of memory and attention, diminished intelligence; A frequent headaches due to the increase vnutricherepnogo pressure.
Cardiac : atherosclerosis, resistant to treatment and diet drugs, believed, in which the use of special drugs are not appreciable and lasting effect; Increased diastolic pressure (the bottom) because of the swelling vascular walls.
Symptoms : reduction of hemoglobin in the blood, in which treatment iron provides only modest results.
Immunodeficiencies : frequent infectious and respiratory diseases; Weakening immunity even with a slight decrease thyroid function.
Osteohondroznye : muscle weakness and pain in the hands; The thoracic or lumbar back where traditional treatment is not effective.
Otechnye : swelling around the eye or general, in which systematic reception head of drugs increases, creating dependence.
Broncho-pulmonary : swelling respiratory tract leading to chronic bronchitis and ARI.
Gynaecological : violation of menstrual function; Erratic monthly, and sometimes their absence; Infertility; Mastopatiya; Irritation and cracked nipples.
The problem of iodine deficiency concern 153 countries in the world. Lack of iodine in the body are more 1.5 billion the inhabitants of the planet. In our country, more than 35% of the population suffers from yoddefitsita, often without knowing it.
A common way to address this problem is salt iodization. Incoming in such inorganic iodine salt (potassium iodide) is completely absorbed by thyroid and, in excess, can cause diseases of the thyroid gland. Epidemics hyperthyroidism due to excess iodine after use of iodized salt, observed in many countries : Switzerland, the United States, Holland, Austria and Serbia.
To address yoddefitsita better use of drugs containing iodine, which is part of the protein compounds. It is an iodine in human blood.
Source organic iodine is sea cabbage (kelp). But to get a daily dose of iodine, it should eat 100-200 grams a day, effectively for the people of Japan, but unfortunately, it is difficult for most residents of Russia.
Distributed also iodine preparations made from kelp and foods that contain iodine : iodized milk, bread and eggs. Unfortunately, in most cases, iodine content in the product is not precisely defined, and how much they should use to address iodine deficiency - virtually unknown.
Addressing yoddefitsita Radiation Medical Centre (Obninsk), a drug "Yod- asset." This biologically active additive to food recommended by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation as a source of iodine. It was based on a unique experimental treatment and prevention of thyroid diseases, including after the Chernobyl accident.

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