Mercury oxide yellow (hydrargyri oxydum flavum)

MERCURY OKIS YELLOW (Hydrargyri oxydum flavum).
     Synonyms : Mercury sediment yellow, Hydrargyrum oxydatum flavum, Hydrargyrum praecipitatum flavum.
     Severe thin yellow or orange-yellow powder and odourless. Almost nerastvorim water, easily soluble in hydrochloric and nitric acid. In light gradually night.
     Apply a 2% masi.
     Ointments mercury yellow (Unguentum Hydrargyri oxydi flavi).
     Synonyms : Unguentum Hydrargyri oxydati flavi, Unguentum ophthamicum.
     Contains oxide and mercury yellow liquid to 2 parts oil, vaseline 80 parts anhydrous lanolin 16 parts.
     Ointments are ex tempore. There is orange-yellow color. Released in the packaging, keeps out of light.
     Assign with blefaritah, keratitis, conjunctivitis, etc. and with skin diseases (sycosis, palliative).
     In ophthalmology practice in the appointment of yellow mercury amalgams, it is not recommended to take the interior of a salt bromine and iodine, because of the possible education lachrymal liquid mercury bromide and iodide with prizhigayuschim properties.
     Storage : List B. The well ukuporennyh banks orange glass in the dark spot.
     Rp. : Ung. Hydrargyri oxydi flavi 10.0
     D.S. Eye ointment
     Rp. : Hydrargyri oxydi flavi 0.6
     Ichthyoli 0.8
     Ung. Zinci 20.0
     M.F. ung.
     D.S. Ointments (in sycosis)

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