Wasps alder (fructus alni)

SOPLODIYA OLHI (Fructus Alni).
     Collected in late autumn and winter and dried edible grey alder (A lnus incan and L.) and alder adhesive, or black (A lnus L. glutinosa), herewith. birch (We tulaceae). Contain tannin and other substances. Total tanning agents is not less than 10%. Along with soplodiyami use bark. Is a tincture (10,0 : 200.0) as a means of bonding with acute and chronic enteritis and colitis (with the possible need for specific antimicrobial therapy).
     Assign to one canteen spoon infusion 3 to 4 times a day.
     Product : chopped raw material in paper bags and cardboard bundles of 100 g.

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