Leaves Cestimin (folia arctostaphyli uvae ursi)

OCA TOLOKNYANKI (Folia Arctostaphyli Uvae ursi).
     Synonym : Bear eye.
     Gathered before spring and early flowering or fall with the start ripening until the snow leaves of wild bushes Cestimin ordinary [A rctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. , Herewith. heather (E saseae ri).
     Leaves contain glycoside Cestimin Arbutin (6%), fissile body to the education HYDROQUINONE, organic acids, tanning (30-35%) and other substances.
     Inside applied in the form of infusion or furunculosis as diuretic and disinfectant in inflammatory diseases bladder and urinary tract. Sanitizer effect attributed mainly vydelyayuschemusya gidrohinonu with urine.
     Product : chopped raw materials to 100 g in cardboard packets.
     R p. : Decocti fol. Uvae ursi 10.0 : 180 ml
     D.S. For dining spoon 1 5 - 6 times a day
     R p. : D PECA ti fol. Uvae ursi 3 0 : 100 ml
     D.S. For one dessert spoon, 4 times a day a child 5 years
     Also produced briquettes leaves Cestimin (In riketum Folii Uvae ursi). Sheet cakes rectangular portions of the 10 to 10 grams each.
     One portion cubes (10 g) placed in enameled pots, pour 200 ml (1 cup) hot boiled water, close lid and heated in boiling water (for water bath) 30 minutes, cools 10 minutes at room temperature, protsezhivayut. The remaining commodities otzhimayut. The amount received Psilocybe bring boiled water to 200 ml.
     Is the interior in the form of heat for 1 / 3 to 1 / 2 cup 3 - 4 times a day, 40 minutes after eating.
     Storage : briquettes in a dry, the dark places; Furunculosis prepared in a cool place (not more than two per day). Before use furunculosis should stir.
     Leaves Cestimin part of the head of charges.
     Collection diuretic N 1 (Species diureti Sae N 1). Ingredients : 3 Cestimin leaf parts, flowers and knapweed root for one of Baikal. One table spoon zavarit cup boiling water, insist, 20 minutes, cooling, protsedit; Take, for 1 dining spoon 3 to 4 times a day (for the doctor).
     Collection diuretic N 2 (S interest ies diureti Sae N 2). Ingredients : Cestimin leaves and fruit juniper on two parts, one of the roots of Baikal.

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