Hlorobutanolgidrat (chlorobutanoli hydras)

HLOROBUTANOLGIDRAT (Chlorobutanoli hydras): 1, 1, 1-Trihlor-2- metilpropanol-2.
     Synonyms: Hloreton, Acetonchloroform, Anaesthosal, Chlorobutanolum, Chlorobutanol, Chlorobutanolum hydratum, Chlorbutolum, Chlortran, Methaform, Sedaform.
     Colourless crystals or a white crystalline powder with the smell kamfory. Letuch at room temperature. Malorastvorim water (1: 250), it's easy to alcohol.
     When you receive inside is soothing and slightly narcotic effect, as an outside application-moderate distraction, and the anti-hysteria effect.
     As a sedative means little used.
     External sometimes designated for the treatment of ulcers, wounds, inflammatory processes in the form of 1 - 2% gloves, 5 - 10% ointment, 0.4% solution tools.
     In the pharmaceutical industry hlorobutanolgidrat used for conservation and other herbal products (rvstvory adrenaline, organopreparaty).
     Form release: powder.
     Storage: List B. In sheltered from the world scene with a temperature higher than 15 C.
     Is part of aerosol products "Kameton."
     Rp. : Chlorobutanoli hydratis 1, 5
     Spiritus aethylici 90% 20 ml
     Glycerini 30 ml
     Liq. Burovi
     Aq. destill. aa 25 ml
     M.D.S. Embrocation (with itching)
     Hlorobutanolgidrat for inhalations.
     Synonyms: Hloreton- ingalyant, Hloreton for inhalations.
     Composition: hlorobutanolgidrata, kamfory, gel, eucalyptus oil to 1 part oil vazelinovogo 96 parts.
     A transparent colorless oily liquid with a smell kamfory, gel and eucalyptus oil.
     Under the name aerosol "Kameton (Ae r s lum on" Sa thonum m e) product available in glass containers (30 ml), covered from the outside protective polymer shell containing hlorobutanolgidrat for inhalations and propellent (Hladon-12), fitted with a valve device spray nozzles.
     Apply for chronic inflammatory diseases, nose, pharynx and larynx being increased.
     In diseases and cancer are caused aerosol container without metering valve. Read the pressure cap with spray and by entering it into the mouth, click on its base and spread inhaled drugs within 1 - 2. Inhalation last 1 - 2 minutes.
     During the day they repeat 3 to 4 times.
     In inflammatory diseases of the nose user-friendly container plus metering valve; With one click on the valve from the cylinder sprayed 0,1 g of the drug.
     Aerosol "Kameton" should not assign children up to 5 years.
     Storage: away from the fire when the temperature is not above 40 'S. The container should be protected from attacks.

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