Hiniofon (chiniofonum)

HINIOFON (Chiniofonum).
     A mixture of 7-yod-8- oksi-5- hinolinsulfokisloty with sodium hydrogen (3: 1).
     Synonyms: Yatren, Amoebosan, Anayodin, Avlochin, Chinosulfan, Iochinolum, Loretin, Myxiodine, Quiniofonum, Quinoxyl, Rexiode, Tryen, Yatrenum and e p.
     Yellow powder odourless. Dissolved in water, emitting carbon dioxide. Contains 25-26% iodine. For a parenteral drug dissolve asepticheski in svezheprokipyachennoy and chilled to 80 + S sterile water for injection.
     Extensive use is not a drug. Sometimes he was appointed interior and parenteral transmission with amoebic dysentery and ulcer colitis, externally, in the form of solutions (0.5-3%) ointment (5 - 10%) and prisypok (10%) for the treatment of purulent wounds, ulcers, burns, and also in gynaecological and urologic practice.
     In amoebic dysentery hiniofon adults to give 0.5 g three times a day; You can gradually increase the dose to 3 grams per day. The course of treatment eight to 10 days (or two cycles of five days with a break five days). The course of treatment can be repeated after a 10-day break.
     Children hiniofon appointed in doses:
     Age daily intake, g
     From 1 to 2 years .... 0.1> 2 years> 3 >.... 0.15> 3> 4> 0.2> 4> 5> 0.25> 5> 6> .. 0.3> 6> 8> 0.45> 8> 12> 0.6> 12> 13 >.... 0.7> 13> 15 >.... 1 0> 16> and over. 1, 5
     Hiniofon also can be used as enema: 200 mL of 1 - 2% solution of warm water after sweeping enemas (adult).
     In acute intestinal infection hiniofon phenomena can be applied at times with emetinom.
     Higher doses for adults inside: single 1 g daily 3 g.
     Method of issuance: powder; Pills to 0.25 grams in a package of 10 pieces.
     Storage: List B. Banks orange glass with pritertymi bottlenecks in the dry, sheltered from the world scene.

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