Tserigel (cerigelum)

TSERIGEL (Cerigelum).
     The product containing tsetilpiridiniy- chloride, polivinilbutiral and ethyl alcohol.
     The list in preparation tsetilpiridiniy- quaternary ammonium chloride is a reason relating to the group cations detergent and with a large surface activity.
     Discoloured opalestsiruyuschaya slightly viscous liquid with a smell of alcohol. In application to the skin forms a film. A well soluble in alcohol, electronic and other organic solvents.
     Provides antibacterial effects (disinfectant).
     Apply for processing the hands of medical personnel in preparation for the surgical operation and other manipulation.
     At Dry hands have 3-and 4 g tserigelya during the 8-to 10 rastirayut carefully so that the drug contributed ladonnye and backs surface mezhpaltsevye intervals and the lower third of the forearm. Hands dried in the air or fan during 2 to 3 minutes (at least); By ensuring that fingers do not come and slightly bent.
     Film remove ethyl alcohol.
     Form release: in the glass vials of 400 ml.
     Storage: a well ukuporennoy glass tableware in normal conditions.

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