L-ASPARAGINAZA (Asparaginasum).
     Asparaginase (L-asparaginase) is the enzyme. Most of different strains of intestinal bacillus (with E. li). In purified form of a white powder, readily soluble in water. International activity is expressed in units of the (ME).
     Available in vials of dried form.
     Synonyms : Krasnitin, Leynaza, Crasnitinum, Leunase.
     L-Asparaginase has antileykemicheskoy activity. I think that the antitumor effect is linked to the ability of the enzyme asparaginazy (L-asparaginaminogidrolazy) violate the metabolism of amino acids asparagina needed leykoznym cells for their development. The first deficit asparagina influence on the cell membrane.
     L-asparaginazu applied alone or in combination with other drugs for acute leukemia limfoblastnom, lymphosarcoma and retinulosarkome.
     As for the mechanism of asparaginase different therapy drugs, in some cases it is effective in unproductive use of other therapy.
     Solution L-asparaginazy injected struyno or as slow Infusion. For an inkjet to throw the contents of a bottle with a product in the 20-40 ml, and for the introduction of drip (within 30 to 40 minutes) in 150 ml isotonic sodium chloride solution.
     Under the dosage for adults and children is 200 - 300 IU / kg. Heading dose for adults Z00 000-400000 ME; Children dose to reduce body weight. Diluted impose daily for a period of 28 to 30 days. If the third week of improvement does not occur, there asparaginazoy L-therapy treatment of the patient should be considered little.
     In all forms of acute leukaemia and generalized forms gematosarkom with blastozom in peripheral blood and bone marrow, the preparation of indicators designate peripheral blood. In other cases, treatment start with the number of cells in the peripheral blood of not less than 3 x 10 9 / L, and platelets 100 x 10 9 / L.
     The use of drugs may be accompanied by side effects : increased body temperature, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches, allergies, disabilities liver and pancreas; In long-term use can reduce blood levels fibrinogena and prone to haemorrhage.
     When treating L-asparaginazoy need at least one per week to analyse blood cholesterol, total protein, protein fractions, transaminazy, alkaline phosphatase and others with dramatic changes in these rates, drug use dropped. It should also lift in preparation protrombina level below 60%, the concentration fibrinogena below 3 g / l and an increase in bleeding time.
     Before treatment asparaginazoy need to sample the lack of hypersensitivity to the drug : it dissolve 10 ED in 0.1 ml of distilled water and enter intracutaneously on lateral surface of the shoulder. Next enter the same number of isotonic sodium chloride solution. If pimple diameter of less than 1 cm, the L-asparaginazoy treatment can be.
     The use of L-asparaginazy contraindicated in pregnancy and diseases of the liver, kidney, pancreas and the central nervous system with a violation of their functions.
     Product : in vials containing 3000 and ME 10000 L-asparaginazy injection (L-A pro sparaginasa injectionibus Z000 and ut ME 10000).
     Storage : List B. When temperature is not above + 10 C.

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