Levonorgestrel (aethinyloestradiolum)

ETINILESTRADIOL (Aethinyloestradiolum). a 17-Etinilestratrien-1, 3, 5 (10) - diol- 3, b 17.
     Synonyms: Mikrofollin, Athinylostradiol, Diogyn E, Diolyn, Dyloform, Estigyn, Estinyl, Eston-E, Estrolan E, Ethidol, Ethin-Oestryl, Ethinoral, Ethynilestradiol, Ethynilestradiolum, Eticyclin, Eticyclol, Etivex, Feminone, Fodinyl, Follikoral, Gynoral, Kolpolyn, Linoral, Lynestoral, Lynoral, Metroval, Microfollin, Oestralyn, Oestroperos, Oradiol, Orestralyn, Ostral, Perovex, Primogyn C, M Primogyn, Progynon S, M Progynon etc.
     White or kremovato- melkokristallichesky white powder. Almost nerastvorim in water, soluble in alcohol and vegetable oils.
     For construction and operation of levonorgestrel close to estradiolu. The chemically different etinilovogo radical inclusion in the position X (1917) that led to a significant increase activity.
     Levonorgestrel is one of the most active contemporary oestrogen drugs. In addition, he performs the reception inside.
     Indications for use etinilestradiola coincide with established for estrona.
     Assign inside; Dosage and duration of use should be individual, depending on the nature of illness and treatment.
     In gipogenitalizme (primary amenorrhea) usually appoint 0.05-0.1 mg (0.00005, 0.0001 g), 2 times a day in a 3 - 4 weeks, then use gestagennye drugs (progesterone, and others) during the 6 to 8 days. The course of treatment repeat 5 to 6 times.
     When the ovaries and FSH secondary amenorrhea designate product in the same dose of 1 to 2 times a day for 2 to 3 weeks, and then during the 6 - 8-day-gestagennye drugs (progesterone for 5 - 10 mg / day or intramuscularly pregnin 10 - 30 mg of language three times a day).
     In climacteric disorders, women under the age of 45 years should take 0,01 - 0,02 - 0,05 g daily etinilestradiola few days, then progesterone or pregnin within 6 to 8 days. The course of treatment repeat 2 - 3 times.
     To address neuropsychiatric disorders with vascular insufficiency drug estrogennoy appoint 0.01 - 0.02 mg / day within 10 to 15 days; Treatment can be repeated after a break of several days.
     In dismenoree women with signs of underdevelopment uterus levonorgestrel enter into immediately after menstruation to 0.01 mg per day for 2 to 3 weeks every day or every other day.
     Levonorgestrel can be used, like other oestrogenic drugs (usually in combination with radiation therapy), in treating prostate gland cancer and breast cancer (in women over 60 years of age). In these cases, drug appoint a relatively high dose: up to 3 mg / day; Prolonged treatment.
     Levonorgestrel generally well tolerated by; In high doses, possible nausea, vomiting, dizziness.
     Contraindications are the same as for estrona.
     Form release: pills to 0.01 and 0.05 mg (0.00001 and 0.00005 g.).
     Storage: List B. In sheltered from the world scene.
     Levonorgestrel has in certain contraceptive effect (see Oral contraceptives), and is an integral part of a series of oral contraceptive products (see Bisekurin, Rigevidon, Non- ovlon etc.).

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