Yopanoevaya acid (acidum iopanoicum)

YOPANOEVAYA ACID (Acidum iopanoicum). a - (3-Amino-2, 4, 6-triyodbenzil) - Oil acid, or a etil-b (3-amino-2, 4, 6-triyodfenil) - propionic acid.
     Synonyms : Yopagnost, Holevid, Bilijodonum, Bilipac, Bilumbral, Choladine, Chole-contrast, Cholevid, Cistobil, Colegraf, Colepax, Iodtriol, Iopagnost, Iopan, Panjopaque, Telepaque, Teletrast and others.
     Powder Cream coloured with light characteristic smell. Almost nerastvorim in water, soluble in alcohol. Night under the influence of light.
     Rentgenokontrastny preparation for the study biliary tract and gallbladder.
     Assign inside dose of 1, 5 -3, 0 g overnight. After 12 to 14 hours shock doing x-rays; If necessary (lack of shade) make the second picture after 3 hours With shadows give choleretic breakfast (2 - 3 egg yolks in milk) and after 1, 5 h make repeated snapshot.
     Possible side effects : nausea, diarrhea, dizuricheskie disorder.
     Indications are the same as for bilimina.
     Product : pills to 0.5 g slightly yellowish in a package of six pieces.
     Storage : dry, the dark spot.

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