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Product name: PHTHALAZOL

Active substance: phthalylsulfathiazole

Type: Antibacterial sulfanilamide preparation

Manufacturer: BIOSINTEZ (Russia) BIOTEK group MFPPK (Russia)
Description of the active substance:
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Antibacterial agent, a sulfonamide derivative.
Has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. Phthalylsulfatiazole is active against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, including. causative agents of intestinal infections. Poorly absorbed from the digestive tract. Acts mainly in the lumen of the intestine, where there is a gradual release of the sulfonamide part of the molecule.
The mechanism of action is associated with competitive antagonism with PABA and competitive inhibition of dihydropteroate synthetase, which leads to a disruption in the synthesis of tetrahydrofolic acid necessary for the synthesis of purines and pyrimidines.

Dysentery (acute and chronic in the acute stage), colitis, gastroenteritis;
prevention of infectious complications in surgical interventions on the intestine.
Adults - 1-2 g every 4-6 hours for 5-7 days.
Higher doses for adults inside: single dose - 2 g, daily - 7 g. Children under 3 years - 200 mg / kg / day in 3 doses for 7 days. Children older than 3 years - 400-750 mg (depending on age) 4 times / day.
Allergic reactions are possible.

Hypersensitivity to phthalylsulfatiazole.

The application is possible according to the dosing regimen.

If necessary, phthalylsulfatiazole is combined with sulfonamides or antibiotics that are well absorbed from the digestive tract.

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