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Name of the drug: URALIT-U (URALIT-U)

Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: The drug used for urolithiasis

Manufacturer: MADAUS (Germany) produced by PLANTEXTRACT (Germany) packed by MADAUS (Germany)
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The salt of alkali metals and weak acid, excreted in the urine, shifts the pH of the urine to the alkaline side (up to 6.2-7.5), which causes an increase in the degree of dissociation and solubility of uric acid and cystine.

- prevention and treatment of nephrourolythiasis (uric acid stones, uraturia, cystine stones, cystinuria);

- the need for alkalinization of urine (late porphyria, treatment with cytostatics, gout).

Inside, after eating.

Daily dose (10 g) in 3 divided doses: in the morning and after dinner - 2.5 g (1 scoop), in the evening - 5 g (2 measuring spoons).
This dose should provide an increase in the pH of fresh urine (isolated immediately before taking the next dose) to the following values: with uric acid stones - 6.2-6.8; with cystine stones - 7.5-8.5; at acytostatic therapy - not less than 7; with late porphyria of the skin - 7.2-7.5.
If necessary, the daily dose is increased by adding 0.5 tablespoons of granules to the evening dose, or reduce, reducing the evening dose.
The duration of therapy is 1-6 months.
phosphate nefrourolithiasis.

acute renal failure;

- acute heart failure;

- diet with a sharp restriction of consumption of table salt;

- severe metabolic alkalosis;

- infection of the urinary tract with urea-degrading bacteria;

urine pH is above 7.

Contraindicated in acute renal failure.

It should be borne in mind that the average daily dose of the drug contains 1.72 g (44 mmol) of potassium ions, 1 g (44 mmol) of sodium ions.

In the process of treatment with the drug, the patient should enter in the diary the number of measuring spoons used and the pH of the urine collected immediately before taking the drug.

Co-administration with drugs containing citrate and aluminum ion may cause increased resorption of aluminum.
Take the latter with an interval of at least 2 hours.
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