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Active substance: comb.
Type: Plasma Substitute

Manufacturer: PERFOTORAN NPF (Russia)
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This information is a reference and it is not enough that the drug has been prescribed by a doctor ..

Perftoran is used as an anti-shock and anti-ischemic agent.
The drug has gas-transport, rheological, hemodynamic, diuretic, membrane-stabilizing, cardioprotective and sorption properties. With the use of perfluorane in a therapeutic dose of 10ml / kg body weight, perfluorocarbons are completely eliminated from the body within 8 months

T 1/2 of perfluorane from the bloodstream is about 24 hours. The surfactant completely leaves the body through the kidneys during the first day.
Perfluorocarbons are chemically inert and are not metabolized in the body. The timing of their removal from the body depends on the dose administered.
Perftoran is recommended to be used as a blood substitute with a gas transport function when:

- acute and chronic hypovolemia (traumatic, hemorrhagic, burn and infectious-toxic shock, craniocerebral trauma, operating and postoperative hypovolemia);

- Violation of microcirculation and peripheral circulation (changes in tissue metabolism and gas exchange, purulent-septic state, infection, cerebral circulation, fat embolism),

- regional perfusion, lavage of the lungs, washing of purulent wounds of the abdominal and other cavities,

- for anti-ischemic protection of donor organs (preliminary preparation of donor and recipient).

Prior to transfusion of perfluorane, the physician should conduct a visual examination of the drug.
The preparation is considered suitable for use under condition of absence of cracks on the bottle, preservation of tightness of capping, safety of the label. The results of visual inspection of bottles and label data (name of the preparation, manufacturer, serial number) are recorded in the medical history.
When using perfluorane, a biological test is mandatory: after a slow introduction of the first 5 drops of the drug, stop the transfusion for 3 minutes, then inject another 30 drops and stop the transfusion for 3 minutes.
In the absence of a reaction, the administration of the drug continues. The results of the bioassay are necessarily recorded in the medical history.
For the treatment of acute blood loss and shock Perftoran is administered intravenously drip or jet in a dose of 5 to 30 ml / kg body weight.
The effect of the drug is maximal, if during and after its infusion during the day the patient breathes a mixture enriched with oxygen.
To treat disorders of microcirculation of various genesis, the drug should be administered at a dose of 5-8 ml / kg body weight.
Repeated drug can be administered in the same dose three times at intervals of 2-4 days. To increase the oxygenation effect during the therapy, it is expedient to feed the air mixture enriched with oxygen through a mask or nasal catheter.
For anti-ischemic protection of donor organs Perftoran is administered drip or jet in a dose of 20 ml / kg of body weight to the donor and recipient 2 h before the operation.

For regional use Perftoran is used for perfusion of limbs when filling a standard oxygenator at a rate of 40 ml / kg of body weight.

With topical application Perftoran is used similarly to traditional means of drug therapy.

Allergic reactions are possible (urticaria, itchy skin, redness of the skin), increased heart rate, lowering of blood pressure, fever, headache, pain behind the breastbone and in the lumbar region, difficulty breathing, anaphylactoid reactions.

If these reactions or complications occur, stop the infusion immediately and insert desensitizing, cardiotonic, glucocorticosteroid, vasopressor and other medications used in the therapy of anaphylactic shock, without removing needles from the vein, depending on the clinical picture.

- hemophilia.

During pregnancy and lactation, the drug can be used only for vital signs

The drug is not suitable for use in the following cases:

- Emulsion stratification (the presence of transparent oily droplets settling to the bottom even after shaking);

- appearance of a white precipitate on the bottom of the vial.

It is forbidden:

- strongly shake the thawed out preparation;

- Thaw the preparation at a temperature above + 30 В° C;

- Store below -18 В° C.

Do not use the drug together (in one syringe, system, AIC) with dextrans, polyglucin or reopolyglucin and oxyethyl starch.
These solutions, if necessary, should be injected into another vein or the same after termination of infusion of perfluorane

Only for use in the hospital.

The drug should be stored in a frozen state at a temperature of -4 В° C to -18 В° C.
In unfrozen form, the drug can be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of + 4 В° C for not more than 2 weeks. Defrost perfluorane is recommended at room temperature. After defrosting the drug should be gently shaken up to complete homogeneity of the composition, and before infusion - warm to +21 - + 23 В° C.
Allow 5-fold defrost / freeze.

Shelf life:
3 years - at a temperature from -4 В° C to -18 В° C; 2 weeks - at a temperature of + 4 В° РЎ.
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