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Product name: OLASOL (OLASOL)

Active substance: comb.
Type: The drug with antibacterial, locally anesthetic and tissue regeneration-improving action for external use

Manufacturer: АЛТАЙВ�ТАМ�НЫ (Russia)
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Wound healing tool.
Has an anesthetic and antibacterial effect, reduces exudation, promotes tissue regeneration and accelerates the process of epithelialization of wounds.
- infected wounds (including flaccid wounds);

- trophic ulcers;

- burns;

- free skin plasty;

- microbial eczema;

itching dermatitis.

The wound surface is as far as possible cleaned of pus, necrotic tissue and covered with a uniform layer of foam every day or every other day, and with open treatment of wounds and burns 1-4 times / day, depending on the nature of the inflammation and the stage of regeneration of damaged tissues.
To obtain a uniform layer of foam, the balloon must be shaken (10-15 times).
Remove the safety head, put on the working head, direct the spray hole to the surface to be treated. The foam consumption and the thickness of the layer on the wound surface depend on the force of pressing the valve head of the dosing device. The foam is applied to cover the entire wound surface, from a distance of 1-5 cm.
Allergic reactions.


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