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Product name: VITAHERPAVAC

Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: Vaccine for the prevention of herpetic infection

Manufacturer: VITAFARMA FIRM (Russia)
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The inactivated herpes simplex virus I and II antigenic types, obtained by reproduction in Vero B cell culture, lyophilized.

Stimulates the cellular mechanisms of resistance of the human body to the herpes simplex virus type I and II.

- prevention of recurrence of herpetic infection.

V / k in the area of ​​the inner surface of the forearm in a single dose of 0.2 ml (control - the formation of "lemon crust").

The course of vaccination for herpes infections of the skin and mucous membranes - 5 injections, which are carried out with an interval of 7 days.

Patients with complicated herpetic infection 2nd and subsequent injections are repeated at intervals of 10 days. After 6 months, a second course of vaccination (5 injections) is performed.

The contents of the vial are dissolved in 0.3 ml of solvent (water q / v).
To do this, the solvent is injected into the vial of the vaccine using a syringe with a needle, which is then shaken until the contents are completely dissolved.
General: a slight increase in temperature, weakness.

Local reaction: skin hyperemia with a diameter of up to 2 cm during the first day and a slight short-term burning (normal reaction of the body to the introduction of the vaccine).

- hypersensitivity to gentamicin and other antibiotics of the aminoglycoside group;

- herpetic infection in the active stage (vaccination is performed no earlier than 5 days after the disappearance of clinical manifestations, with ophthalmoherpes - no earlier than 1 month);

- acute (infectious and non-infectious) diseases;

- chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation or decompensation;

- malignant neoplasms;

- Pregnancy.

Contraindication is pregnancy.

Vaccination is carried out in medical institutions (hospital, dispensary, polyclinic) under the supervision of a doctor.

Vaccination is performed in the remission stage, not earlier than 5 days after the complete disappearance of clinical manifestations of herpetic infection.

If more severe local and general reactions occur or if the main process is exacerbated, vaccination should be discontinued.
Vaccination can be continued after the complete disappearance of clinical manifestations of the overall response to the introduction of the vaccine.
All cases of more pronounced local and general reactions in the patient should be examined by a doctor and recorded in the relevant document.

The dissolved preparation should be a slightly opalescent liquid of pink color.

The preparation is not suitable for use in vials with broken integrity, marking, when the color changes, with expired shelf life, with improper storage.

The dissolved vaccine is not subject to storage.

Opening of the vial, dissolution of the drug and the vaccination procedure are carried out with strict adherence to aseptic rules.

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