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Product name: VALIDOL (VALIDOL)

Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: The drug with reflex vasodilator action

A typical clinical and pharmacological article
This information is a reference and it is not enough that the drug has been prescribed by a doctor ..

Has a sedative effect, has a moderate reflex vasodilator effect due to irritation of sensitive nerve endings.
It stimulates the production and release of enkephalins, endorphins and a number of other peptides, histamine, kinins (due to stimulation of mucosal receptors), which take an active part in the regulation of vascular permeability, the formation of pain. With sublingual admission, the therapeutic effect on average occurs in 5 minutes, while up to 70% of the drug is released within 3 minutes.
- cardialgia;

- angina pectoris;

- a syndrome of "motion sickness" (nausea, vomiting in sea and air sickness);

- hysteria;

- Neurosis;

- headache on the background of taking nitrates.

Tablets - sublingually, 1 tab.
2-3 times / day. Multiplicity and duration of admission is determined depending on the effectiveness of treatment. In the absence or inadequate manifestation of the therapeutic effect in the next 5-10 minutes after taking another therapy is necessary.
Nausea, lacrimation, dizziness.


It should be prescribed with caution to patients with diabetes mellitus (for dosage forms containing sugar).

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