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Active substance: nonappropriate

Type: Vaccine for the prevention of anthrax

Composition, form of production and packaging
Liofilizate for the preparation of a suspension for s / c introduction
in the form of a porous mass of grayish-white color.

1 amp.

spores live vaccine strain Bacillus anthracis STI-1 500 million pcs.

antigen siberium purified purified concentrated protective 350 ID 50 for white mice

Excipients: aluminum hydroxide 25 mg, sucrose 0.2 g.

The composition of the solvent: sodium chloride solution is 0.9%.

10 doses - ampoules (5) complete with a solvent (5 amp.) - packs of cardboard.


Description of the drug approved by the manufacturer for the printed edition of 2014.


The anthrax vaccine combined provides the formation of specific immunity 7 days after the vaccination lasting up to 1 year.


Specific prophylaxis of anthrax in people from 14 years of age.
Vaccination is carried out in a planned manner and according to epidemic indications.
Planned vaccinations are subject to:

- persons working with live cultures of the causative agent of anthrax, with infected laboratory animals or investigating materials infected with anthrax;

- persons who slaughter cattle, engaged in harvesting, collecting, storing, transporting, processing and selling raw materials of animal origin;

- persons performing the following works on enzootic territories in Siberia:

1) maintenance of public livestock;

2) agricultural, agro- and hydro-reclamation, construction and other works connected with excavation and moving of soil;

3) harvesting, fishing, geological, survey, expeditionary.


Vaccination is conducted by the average Medinna staff under the guidance of a doctor.
Primary immunization is carried out once per subcutaneously with syringe or needle-free methods.
Revaccination is carried out once.
The first three revaccinations are performed annually. All subsequent revaccinations are carried out once every two years.
Before use, each ampoule with scale is carefully examined.
The vaccine can not be used if the integrity of the ampoule is damaged, the appearance of the preparation changes (foreign particles, unraveled lumps and flakes), the absence of a label, the expiration date. The ampoule with the vaccine is wiped with 70% alcohol, saws the neck of the ampoule, covered with a sterile swab, and the tip of the ampoule is broken off. Using a sterile syringe with a needle in the ampoule, add 5.0 ml of the solvent - a sterile sodium chloride solution of 0.9% and shake until a homogeneous suspension of grayish-white color is obtained. The dissolution time of the vaccine should not exceed 5 minutes. Dissolved vaccine, preserved in aseptic conditions, can be used for 4 hours.
1. Vaccination with a syringe method.
A 0.5 ml vaccine is injected subcutaneously into the area of ​​the lower corner of the left scapula using a disposable syringe. The skin at the injection site is treated with 70% alcohol. Before each selection of the vaccine ampoule
The injection site is treated with 5% tincture of iodine.
2. Vaccination without a needle.
A 0.5 ml vaccine is injected subcutaneously into the outer surface of the upper third of the shoulder with a needleless injector with a tread, with strict adherence to the instructions for its use.
The place of administration of the vaccine before and after injection is treated as with a syringe method of vaccination.

The unused vaccine, used disposable syringes and needles must be inactivated by autoclaving at a temperature of 132 ± 2 ° C and a pressure of 2.0 kG / m 2 for 90 minutes.

Parts of the needleless injector in contact with the vaccine are immersed in a 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide with the addition of 0.5% detergent such as "Progress" or "Astra" for 1 hour at a temperature of at least 50 ° C.
The solution is used once. Then the pre-sterilization treatment of the injector is carried out:
a) rinsing under running water for 0.5 min;

b) soaking at full immersion in a washing solution at a temperature of 50 ° C for 15 minutes.
Recipe for 1 liter of detergent solution: 17 g of perhydrol (27.5 g of 33% hydrogen peroxide), 5 g of detergent and 978 ml of water;
c) washing in a washing solution with a ruff or a cotton-tampon swab of each object for 0.5 minutes;

d) rinsing under running water for 10 minutes;

e) rinsing with distilled water for 0.5 min each item;

e) Drying until the moisture disappears completely.

Sterilization of the parts of the needleless injector is carried out by autoclaving at a temperature of (132 ± 2) ° C and a pressure of 2.0 kG / m for 90 minutes.


In the first day after vaccination, malaise, headache and fever to 38.5 ° C may be observed.

Reaction to administration

Vaccinations with the vaccine can be accompanied by local reactions, the intensity of which depends on the individual characteristics of the vaccinated.
24-48 hours after vaccination, soreness, hyperemia, and rarely infiltration up to a diameter of 50 mm may occur at the injection site.

- acute infectious and non-infectious diseases - vaccinations are given no earlier than 1 month after recovery (remission);

- Primary and secondary immunodeficiencies.
In the treatment of steroids, antimetabolites, X-ray therapy, vaccinations are given no earlier than 6 months after the end of therapy;
- malignant neoplasms and malignant diseases of the blood;

- systemic connective tissue diseases;

- common relapsing skin diseases;

- diseases of the endocrine system;

- pregnancy and lactation.

In each individual case for diseases not included in this list, vaccination is carried out only with the permission of the appropriate specialist doctor.

In order to identify contraindications, the doctor (paramedic) on the day of vaccination conducts a survey and examination of vaccinated with mandatory thermometry.


Contraindicated use of the drug during pregnancy and lactation.


Assign to children over 14 years.


The interval between vaccination against anthrax and the introduction of other vaccines should be at least one month, and for children's coitents - at least two months.

The vaccine is sensitive to antibiotics, and therefore immunization against the use of antibiotics is not allowed.


For treatment and preventive and sanitary facilities.


Store in accordance with SP at a temperature of 0 to 8 ° C in a place inaccessible to children.
Transport in accordance with SP at a temperature of 0 to 8 ° C.
Shelf life 3 years.
The drug with expired shelf life is not subject to application.
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