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Name of the preparation: NITROUS OXIDE

Active substance: nitrous oxide

Type: The drug for inhalation anesthesia

Manufacturer: MedGazServis TD (Russia)
Description of the active substance :.
This information is a reference and it is not enough that the drug was prescribed by a doctor.
Means for inhalation anesthesia.
When inhaled, it comes from the lungs to the bloodstream through diffusion. It causes anesthesia only in a concentration of 94-95% in the inspired air, but it is impossible to use such concentrations because of the threat of severe hypoxia. In this connection, in anesthesiology, a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is usually used. With the use of this mixture, only the initial level of the surgical anesthesia stage can be achieved, and there is no sufficient muscle relaxation. In most cases, nitrous oxide (mixed with oxygen) is used in combination with more powerful anesthetics and muscle relaxants.
Nitrous oxide is poorly soluble in blood, quickly reaches a high tension in the arterial blood, which in turn leads to a faster (in comparison with other inhalants for anesthesia) to establish equilibrium concentrations in the brain and blood and speeds the induction of anesthesia.

The blood / gas distribution coefficient is low - 0.47, the brain / blood distribution coefficient is 1.1, the minimum alveolar concentration is more than 100%.
Virtually not metabolized in human tissues.
After cessation of inhalation, it is rapidly excreted from the blood, completely released after 10-15 minutes through the respiratory tract in unchanged form, which is the reason for the rapid withdrawal from anesthesia.

For inhalation anesthesia during surgical interventions, gynecological operations.
For anesthesia of childbirth. Pathological conditions accompanied by pain, which are not stopped by traditional means, incl. with acute coronary insufficiency, myocardial infarction, acute pancreatitis.
Applied in a mixture with oxygen with the help of special apparatus for gas anesthesia.
Usually start with a mixture containing 70-80% nitrous oxide and 30-20% oxygen, then the amount of oxygen is increased to 40-50%. If you can not get the necessary depth of anesthesia with a concentration of nitrous oxide 70-75%, add more powerful drugs for anesthesia, including. fluorotane, diethyl ether, barbiturates.
From the hemopoietic system: with prolonged use, megaloblastic anemia, violations of hemopoiesis are possible.

From the side of the peripheral nervous system: with prolonged use, peripheral neuropathy is possible.

As a medical anesthesia for severe diseases of the nervous system, chronic alcoholism, the state of alcoholic intoxication (excitement, hallucinations are possible).

It is used for analgesia of childbirth.

With caution apply for severe hypoxia and diffusion of gases in the lungs.

Nitrous oxide does not cause irritation of the respiratory tract.

It is assumed that the simultaneous use of nitrous oxide and methotrexate increases the side effect of the latter.
According to other data, nitrous oxide enhances the therapeutic effect of methotrexate.

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