Vitogepat (vitohepatum)

VITOGEPAT (Vitohepatum).
     The drug, derived from fresh liver of cattle.
     Transparent liquid yellow or pink-yellow; PH 5, 0, 6, 0. Canned phenol (0,25 - 0,3%). Contains tsianokobalamin (10 µ g of 1 mL), folic acid and other Antianaemia factors in the liver.
     Protivoanemicheskoe applied as a tool in the 12-scarce anaemia, anaemia in pregnant makrotsitarnoy and other blood diseases, neurological complications from anemia, Botkina disease and chronic liver damage, atroficheskih gastritis.
     Enter intramuscularly for 1 to 2 ml per day. The course of treatment 15 - 20 injection. Repeated courses through a 1 5-2 months.
     The drug is usually well; Possible pain at the injection, allergic reactions.
     When allergic complications injections temporarily cease designate protivogistaminnye drugs.
     Product : in 2 ml ampoules in a package of 6 vials.
     Storage : potted in ampoules in the dark place at a temperature no higher than +20 C. Zamerzanie unacceptable.

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