Viprosal (viprosalum)

VIPROSAL (Viprosalum).
     Ointments containing poison gyurzy (16 units of the mouse-MED '- at 100 g masi) with the addition of camphor, salicylic acid, oil Sukachev, vaseline, glycerin, paraffin, emulsifier, water.
     Mask mass of white or slightly yellow to a specific smell and Sukachev camphor oil.
     Assign External with rheumatic pain, disease, ishiase, lumbago, successfully etc. Nanosyat 5 - 10 g painful place and rubbing wiped 1 to 2 times daily.
     In applying viprosala, and other similar drugs may be local allergic reactions, disappearing after the repeal or anti-purpose funds.
     Contraindications : allergy, gnoynichkovye skin, damaging skin in place to be treated.
     Product : in the box on 25 and 50 g.
     Storage : Keep in a cool place.
  `1 MED activity with 0.11 mg gyurzy poison.
     Ointments "Viprosal V" (Unguentum "Viprosalum B"). Is the composition of masi "Viprosal" so that instead of poison gyurzy a mild poison House (5 units of the mouse-MED ').
  `1 MED activity with 0.0776 mg poison obyknovenoy House.

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