Vinilin (vinylinum)

VINILIN (Vinylinum).
     Polivinilbutilovy broadcasts.
     Synonym : Shostakovskogo balsam, Balzamum Schostakowsky.
     Thick viscous light yellow color with a specific smell. Nerastvorim almost in the water. Blending with chloroform, ether, vegetable oils.
     Has enveloping, antiinflammatory, and bacteriostatic action.
     External applied (to soak towels and directly applied on the wound surface), with the boil, carbuncles, trophic ulcers, festering wounds, mastitis, soft tissue injuries, burns, frostbite and inflammatory diseases. Contributes to cleanse wounds, tissue regeneration and epithelization.
     Inside (in solution and capsules) to appoint a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and colitis, dysentery.
     When ulcers appointed initially for one tea, and then on January 1 dessert spoon once a day (at night) for 16-18 days, giperatsidnyh gastritis and ulcers, for about 10-12 days, with colitis and dysentery-and 25 - 40 ml through Estimated during 3-9 days.
     Method of issuance : liquid, exterior and interior of the reception in bottles of 50 and 100 g; Capsules of 1.4 g (N.60).
     Note. Vinilin accepted inside, with production being further analysed; It must not contain more than 8% moisture (an exterior to 15%).
     Rp. : 20.0 Vinylini
     Ol. Helianthi (s.ol. Persicorum) 80.0
             M.D.S. Outside (to soak napkins)
     Included in the aerosol product "Levovinizol" (see) and "Vinizol."

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