Valsartan (valsartan)

VALSARTAN (Valsartan).
     N-[para - (ortho-H Tetrazol-5- ilfenil 1) benzyl] -N- valeril-L- valine.
     Synonym : Diovan, Diovan.
     On chemical structure similar to lozartanu (on tetrazolil- phenyl benzilnomu piece), but the balance of amino acids in the molecule (L-valine).
     For action has been close to lozartanu.
     Rapidly absorbed in the digestive tract, bioavailability of about 20%, S-max 2 h, T? about 9 h; output from the body mostly unchanged in the urine and bile.
     Has long antihypertensive activity (after a single admission into effect until 24 h), associated with the irreversible nature of the blockade AT1- angiotenzinovyh receptors.
     Applied to treat arterial gipertenzy and congestive heart failure.
     Assign inwards in the form of tablets of 0.08 g (80 mg) one time a day (up to 0.16 g). Durable decline in blood pressure is usually after 2 weeks; Long receiving anti-hypertensive effect of the increase.
     The drug is relatively well postponed, but it may headache, dizziness, nausea, diarrhoea. Very rarely (compared to ACE inhibitors) develops a dry cough.
     Contraindications : pregnancy and breast-feeding.
     Product : Capsule to 0.08 and 0.16 g (N. 28).
     Diovan Co-pill, containing 0.08 g (80 mg) valsartana and 0.0125 g (12.5 mg) gidrohlortiazida.

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