Vagotil (vagotil)

VAGOTIL (Vagotil). 36% aqueous solution polimetilen- meta krezolsulfonovoy acid.
     Gives local microbicides and trihomonatsidny effect. A deadly pathogenic flora of the vagina, providing local sosudosuzhivayuschee action accelerates erosion epithelization in the cervix.
     Applied locally (in the form of lubricating, tampons), with the erosion of the cervix and vagina and inflammatory diseases vagina, urethra, cervix. Treatment must be carried out under the close supervision of a doctor, after excluding the possibility of Tumor and other specific processes.
     The drug can be used to accelerate epithelization in treating the long-term healing ulcers limbs.
     For erozy burning, impose tampon, pad vagotilom, 1 to 3 minutes 2 to 3 times a week, drug residues remove dry tampon. For vaginal douching to throw 3 1-tea spoons preparation in one litre of warm water.
     Product : in bottles of 50 and 250 ml.
     Produced in Poland.

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