Tropafen (tropaphenum)

TROPAFEN (Tropaphenum).
     Tropinovogo broadcast a b-phenyl - (para-atsetoksifenil) - Propionic acid hydrochloride.
     Synonym: Tropodifene hydrochloride.
     White or white with poor colour kremovatym crystalline white powder. Easy soluble in water and alcohol: pH 2% aqueous solution of 5, 6, 0, 5.
     Refers to a group-adrenoblokatorov. It is the reduction or removal of a full-adrenergic effects caused ADRENALIN, noradrenalinom and adrenomimeticheskimi substances, as well as irritation sympathetic nerve fibers. Very expands peripheral vessels and raises blood pressure down. Has weak holinoliticheskimi properties.
     Apply for the treatment of diseases associated with the peripheral blood (endarteriit, disease Reynaud, akrotsianoz etc.). Reducing or unchecking cramps vessels, the drug helps strengthen blood circulation, reduce pain and improve function of the limbs (easier walk). Properties tropafena improve peripheral circulation suggests apply it also to treat trophic ulcers and weak limbs healing wounds.
     The product is used for kupirovaniya PNDS crises, and to prevent gipertenzivnyh reactions caused by the increase of blood rest during anesthesia and surgical intervention.
     There is evidence of the ability to reduce tropafena giperagregatsiyu platelets and decrease the viscosity of blood and venous blood '.
     Enter tropafen under the skin, intramuscularly or intravenously.
     In endarteriite and other diseases involving violation of peripheral circulatory introduces subcutaneously or intramuscularly for 0,5-1 - 2 mL of 1% or 2% solution of 1 - 2 - 3 times a day. The course of treatment 10 to 20 days or more. If necessary, repeat treatments.
     For kupirovaniya PNDS and prevent crises impose subcutaneously or intramuscularly 0.5 to 1 mL of 1% or 2% solution.
     In connection with antiadrenergicheskim of tropafen a valuable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of tumors kateholaminprodutsiruyuschih ? (feohromotsitomy, feohromoblastomy).
     For pharmacological and diagnostic feohromotsitomy feohromoblastomy a combination of samples from gistaminom and tropafenom. Histamine reaction to the hypertension and hypotensive at a tropafena gives in these cases objective information. Since the introduction of histamine and diastolicheskoe systolic blood pressure in patients with such tumors increased by 60 and 40 mm Art. Art. respectively, and in patients with hypertension other etiology, 40 and 30 mm Art. Art. With the introduction of intravenous tropafena (1 ml of 1% solution, ie 10 mg) in patients with tumors kateholaminprodutsiruyuschimi and diastolicheskoe systolic pressure decreased by 65 and 40 mm Art. Art. , and in patients with hypertension other etiology, 50 and 35 mm Art. Art.
     Tropafen can be used not only to diagnose feohromotsitomy, but also to facilitate its due status and gipertenzivnyh kupirovaniya crises during the intervention by removing the tumor. Enter 1 ml 1% solution in veins or 1 - 2 mL of 1% or 2% solution intramuscularly. In vnutrimyshechnom a hypotensive effect of a long.
     Tropafen generally well tolerated by. It should however be borne in mind that at the possible development of adrenoliticheskim ortostaticheskogo collapse, so during injection drugs, and over 1, 5, 2 h after the sick to be in the situation lying down.
     In applying tropafena, as well as other indiscriminate a-adrenoblokatorov (see Fentolamin) can develop tachycardia. Like a-adrenoblokatoram, tropafen contraindications with sudden changes of organic heart and vessels. In connection with the instructions that tropafen can raise blood coagulating properties (I. V. Zabelin, V. Soloviev). needed in the case of the drug in patients with giperkoagulyatsiey held simultaneously antikoagulyantnuyu therapy.
     Form release: powder in the ampoule containing at 0.02 g (20 mg) tropafena freeze. Content ampoule dissolve before use in sterile water for injection. To make 1% solution imposed in 2 ml vials of water to make 2% solution of 1 ml.
     Storage: List B. In a dry, sheltered from the world scene.
     P R:: T ropapheni 0.02 in a mpull. N. 3
     D.S. Dilute in 2 ml of water for injection

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