Timolol (timololum)

TIMOLOL (Timololum) *. (-) -1 - (tert Butilamino) -3 - (4-morpholino-1; 2, 5-tiadiazolil-3- Oxy) -2-propanol.
     Sinnonimy : Blocadren, Blocanol, Temserin, Timacar, Timacor, Timohexal.
     Refers to nekardioselektivnym-b adrenoblokatoram. "Homeland" simpatomimeticheskoy activity is not. According to the testimony and the use of close to anaprilinu.
     Like other b-adrenoblokatoram used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. There is widespread use as a tool for the treatment of glaucoma '. To this end, the form of eye drops (0.25% and 0.5% solutions timolola maleate) under the title "Timolol, Timoptik, Timoptol, Optimol, Arutimol, Glukomol, Okupres "" Oftenosin "(T imolol, imo p tic T, T im-op t G1, Or tim on l, A rutimol, Glucomol, Os upres, Or htenosin etc.).
     When backfilling one drop of the solution in the bag konyunktivalny generally declining inner pressure.
     The effect is observed in the normal baseline and especially the increased oftalmotonuse. Activity is generally 20 minutes after instillyatsii, reaches 1 to 2 hours and lasts for about 24 hours
     The operation involves mainly to a decrease secretions watery moisture, but it also has a growing outflow. The amount of missed drug influence has not.
     Assign drug chronic open - glaucoma patients, and in some cases, and secondary glaucoma.
     Buried one drop of 0.25% or 0.5% solution of 2 times a day. Sometimes a single backfilling. With long-term use timolola possible weakening effect (tahifilaksiya).
     You can combine with miotikami timolol (pilokarpinom), and inhibitors adrenomimetikami karboangidrazy (see Diakarb). This can be achieved a stronger and lasting effect on the inner pressure.
     There are indications that anti-hypertensive effect timolola with glaucoma increases with the combination of eye drops taufona (see Taufon) '.
     In applying timolola should keep in mind that he vsasyvastsya of konyunktivalnogo bag and can cause characteristic of the b-adrenoblikatorov Eferent common phenomenon, and therefore it is necessary to appoint caution patients prone to bronhiolospazmam and suffering congestive heart failure. Local irritants no. Some patients may slight deceleration pulse. In rare cases, there is increased sensitivity to the drug.
     Nor should appoint preparation for children and pregnant women.
     Product : 0.25% and 0.5% solutions in plastic bottles of 0.5 ml.
     Storage : under normal conditions.

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