Testobromletsit (testobromlecithum)

TESTOBROMLETSIT (Testobromlecithum).
     Tablets, thickly coated white with a yellowish sheen containing metiltestosterona 0,005 g, 0.1 g bromizovala and saturated 0.05 d.
     The main active substance is methyltestosterone, a small androgenetical Anabolic activity; Bromizoval and ourselves have a calming effect on the central and improve exchange processes.
     Apply men in vegetative nervous disorders associated with iron deficiency as sex with menopausal symptoms, neurasthenia, Switzerland, neurotic forms stenocardia, etc.
     Women were appointed in menopausal syndrome, or after surgery on ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, as well as functional tied krovotecheniyah.
     Accepted sublingvalno or inside. Men in the first few days, appoint one-two tablets three times a day, then one tablet 2 to 3 times a day. The course of treatment is continuing 1 - 2 months; If necessary, repeat the treatment after three-four-month break.
     Women with functional krovotecheniyah in predklimaktericheskom period appoint 2 to 4 tablets per day for 2 to 4 weeks; When pathological phenomena climax on January 1 tablet every day until the end of pathological disorders.
     The product contraindications to defeat liver adenome cancer and prostate gland.
     Form release: tablets in a package of 25 pieces.
     Storage: List B. In a dry, sheltered from the world scene.
     Rp:. Tab. <Testobromlecithum> obd.
     D.S. On 1 - 2 pills three times a day (inside or sublingvalno)

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