Candles of glycerine (suppositoria cum glycerino)

U S GLITSERINOM (Suppositoria cum Glycerino).
     Candles containing glycerol, 1 g 44 (or 2, 46 d), stearinovoy acid 0.12 g (or 0.25 g) and sodium carbonate crystal 0.06 g (or 0.13 grams). The total mass of candles around 1, 6 g for children 2 and 75 grams for adults.
     With the rectum candles are slightly annoying effect on the skin and mucosal cosmetic stimulated by defecation.
     Razmyagchayut also fecal mass.
     Apply in zaporah different origins (the usual, age, those with restricted mobility, etc.).
     Enter one candle one time a day, preferably within 15 to 20 minutes after breakfast.
     In a lengthy application can be caused by the phenomenon of someone my stomach irritation. In these cases, a candle out, it is recommended known results of the rectum 10 - 15 ml warm sunflower (olive, Persico exit) oil.
     Contraindications: Hemorrhoid being increased, cracked rear passage, inflammatory diseases and tumors rectum.
     Form release: in a package of 10 candles.
     Storage: in a cool place.

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