Somatostatin and its derivatives (somatostatin)

     SINONIMY : Modustatin, Stilamin, Modustatine, Stilamin.
     Hormone (tetradekapeptid) isolated from hypothalamus. Somatostatin Secretion of organs and digestive tract (particularly pancreatic iron).
     Is somatotropina inhibitor release (see), and prolactin, insulin, glyukagona, serotonin; Education suppresses gastric acid, Warsaw, gastrina and pancreas enzymes; Peristaltiku weakens the stomach and intestines; To stop bleeding of the upper digestive tract divisions as a result chrevnyh blood flow in arteries.
     When applied krovotecheniyah with acute stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, krovotecheniyah varikozno- varicose veins of the oesophagus, and erozivnyh haemorrhagic gastritis, in the treatment of fistulas (support), pancreas, biliary and intestinal fistula, for the prevention of complications after surgical intervention in the pancreas, where Certain digestive tract tumors (gastrinomy, kartsinoidy etc.).
     Assign intravenously. Dose choose individually. Normally, first introduced struyno (within 3-5 minutes) 0.25 mg, then drip Quick 0.25 mg per hour (isotonic solution of sodium chloride or 5% solution of glucose) over a period of 60-96 h (48-72 hours after stopping bleeding) to 2-20 days (before closing with obstetric fistula).
     Possible side effects : nausea, headache, abdominal pain, violating chair, increased blood pressure, menstrualnopodobnye bleeding.
     Drugs sonatostatina not receive pregnancy and breastfeeding.
     Form OUTPUT : liofinizirovanny powder for injection solutions in the 2 mg capsules (Modustatin), and 0.25 mg and 3 (Stilamin) together with the solvent.

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