Solkoseril (solcoseryl)

SOLKOSERIL (Solcoseryl) *.
     Extract the blood of cattle; Preparation released from the protein.
     Applied to improve metabolism and speed up the regeneration of tissues with trophic ulcer leg gangrene, bedsores, burns, radiation ulcers, skin transplants (See also Actovegin).
     Assign intramuscularly or intravenously, and the field of masi or jellies. Usually a combined treatment : drug use by injection and local. After improve and start using only External epithelization.
     In bedsores designate intramuscularly or intravenously in 1 - 2 capsules per day and the local (EP) before granulyatsy then ointment until epithelization. With burns on the 2--4 capsules a day or intramuscularly vyutrivenno and local ointment or jellies. When radiation skin lesions using local ointment or gel on one ampoule a day intramuscularly or intravenously; To prevent ray lesions cuticles solkoserila skin ointment; Lubricating still within 2 weeks after exposure. With heavy losses trophic (ulcers, gangrene) to be 4 - 5 vials per day in conjunction with local therapy.
     Intravenous appoint a conventional injection (1 to 2 capsules) drip (W-5 in 250 ml vials of 5% glucose solution and isotonic sodium chloride solution). The drug can be administered as drip vnutriarterialno (3 - 5 in 500 ml vials of 5% glucose solution and isotonic solution of sodium chloride).
     Duration of treatment depends on the nature of the process and the current. Usually it continues 4 to 8 weeks. With the trend towards repeating the process to continue after the epithelization drug use during the Feb. 3 Weeks (1 - 2 capsules per week intramuscularly or intravenously).
     Simultaneously with solkoserila possible to use antibiotics, sosudorasshiryayuschie and other means.
     There are performance solkoserila (withdrawal pain, faster healing of ulcers) in the treatment of gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, acute pneumonia. Applied intramuscularly in one ampoule (2 ml), 1 to 2 times a day, 10 to 12 days.
     In treatment of chronic colitis invited to apply mikroklizmy solkoserilom. The contents of a typical (20 grams of jellies) to throw in 30 ml of warm boiled water and after cleaning enema impose daily for 10 days.
     As a special form of medication (20% gel) used in the treatment of corneal diseases (trophic defeat cancer, infectious corneal dystrophy, etc.). Diluted give konyunktivalny bag.
     The drug is usually well. When used in the form of jellies may burns skin, which does not require the termination of treatment.
     Product : in ampoules of 2 ml; Jellies and tubes of ointment in 20 g; Gel ink to 5 grams (for Ophthalmic Practice).

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