Resorcinol (resorcinum)

REZORTSIN (Resorcinum). meta Dioksibenzol.
     Synonym : Resorcinolum.
     White or white with yellow or white crystalline powder donations with a characteristic smell. Very easily soluble in water (1:1) and alcohol (1:1), is soluble in fatty oils (1:20), and glycerol. Under the influence of light and air powder rezortsina gradually painted pink in color.
     Applied to skin diseases (eczema, seborrhea, itch, fungal diseases) External a 2 - 5% water and alcohol solutions and 5-10-20% ointments.
     Product : powder.
     Storage : a well ukuporennyh banks orange glass; See also Solution <<Fukortsin>>.
     R p. : Resorcini 1 0
     Vaselini 10.0
     M.F. ung.
     D.S. Ointments
     R p. : Sol. Resorcini 1% (2%) 100 ml
     D.S. Lotion
     Rp. : Resorcini 0.1
     Spiritus aethylici 5 ml 95%
     Aq. destill 15 ml
     M.D.S. Abundant drops; 1 - 2 drops in the ear
     Rp. : Resorcini
     Ac. salicylici aa 2 0
     Spiritus aethylici 70% ad 100 ml
     M.D.S. Abundant drops; 1 -2 drops in the ear
     Rp. : Resorcini
     Ac. Salicylici aa 1, 5 :
     Vaselini 30.0
     M.F. ung.
     D.S. Ointments

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