Raunatin (raunatinum)

RAUNATIN (Raunatinum).
     The preparation containing an amount of alkaloids from the roots of the plant tissue or other snake species raufolfii.
     Powder from yellow to brown to red shade; Little is soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, chloroform.
     Contains Reserpine, Serpentine, aymalin and other alkaloids. Total alkaloids (in terms of dry matter) of not less than 90%.
     Similar preparations summary of the roots rauvolfii produced abroad under the title : Rauvazan, e ndon G, R and udixin, Raupina, and uwasan R, R and uwiloid etc.
     Pharmacological properties raunatina largely relate to the existence of rezerpina but contained therein other alkaloids give him additional pharmacological characteristics.
     The main pharmacological properties raunatina is its anti-hypertensive effect, it has also antiaritmicheskoe effect; In addition, the central nervous system is comfort. Impact on CNS expressed less than rezerpina, while on anti-hypertensive action raunatin substantially inferior rezerpinu.
     Raunatina anti-hypertensive effect is more gradual than rezerpina effect.
     The major indication for use raunatina is hypertension, especially in stage I and II. In psychiatric practice raunatin wide application is not due to insufficient expressed neurotic effect, but it can be used with neurotic condition.
     Assign into tablets. Usually beginning with the admission of one pill, containing 0,002 grams (2 mg) Amounts alkaloids at night; On Day 2 to take one pill two times a day on the third day of 3 tablets, and brings the total dose to 4 5 - 6 pills a day; take medication after eating. After the therapeutic effect (usually 10 to 14 days) doses gradually to 1 - 2 pills a day. The course of treatment usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks, but sometimes take medication in the long-term maintenance dose (1 tablet per day). Treatment must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. While raunatinom (or consecutively) can be assigned to other hypotensive funds ganglioblokiruyuschie preparations apressin, dihlotiazid and others.
     Raunatin usually does not cause side effects. Some patients move its better than Reserpine. In some cases, there is swelling of the mucous membrane nose, sweating, weakness; In patients with strokes sometimes exacerbated pain in the heart. Adverse events were decreased dose or after a short (1 to 3 days) break in reception drug.
     Product : tablets, coated containing 0,002 grams (2 mg) drug.
     Storage : List B. The well ukuporennyh banks or dark glass bottles.

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