Pirroksan (pyrroxanum)

PIRROKSAN (Pyrroxanum). 6-[4 - (3-Fenilpirrolidinil-1) propionil] - benzo-1, 4-dioxane hydrochloride.
     Synonym : Prorxan hydrochloride.
     White or white to slightly yellowish sheen crystalline powder, is difficult to dissolve in water and alcohol. Aqueous solutions (pH 1% solution of 4, 5, 5, 8) in sterile 100 'C for 30 min.
     The drug has a adrenoblokiruyuschee effect and influence on the peripheral, and central adrenoreaktivnye system.
     Applied to treat and prevent various diseases, based on pathological increased sympathetic tone, including the cortex and PNDS crises and other manifestations dientsefalnoy pathology simpatiko- adrenalovogo type. In gipersimpatikotonii drug reduces mental stress, anxiety in patients with allergic Medicine reduces itch.
     Applied also pirroksan as a preventive tool in perevozbuzhdenii vestibular apparatus (for sea and air sickness and Menera syndrome); The effect, however, was more pronounced when combined with holinolitikami and protivogistaminnymi drugs.
     Assign also to reduce the phenomenon morfinnoy and alcohol abstinence.
     Enter inside, under the skin and intramuscularly. Inside appoint 0,015 0,03 g (1 - 2 pills) 1 to 3 times a day; Parenteral impose on 1 - 3 ml of 1% solution of 1 to 3 times a day.
     For cerebral edema and PNDS crises are encouraged to enter into the skin or intramuscularly 2 - 3 ml of 1% solution, and to prevent crises nominate 1 - 2 pills (0,015 -0.03 g) inside 2 -3 times a day.
     When insomnia and zudyaschih Medicine encouraged to nominate for 1 - 2 tablets (0,015-0,03 g) before bedtime. To prevent airborne disease are 1 - 2 pills for 30 to 40 minutes before the flight.
     In morfinnoy impose abstinence 3 ml 1% solution under the skin or intramuscularly or give the inside of 3 tablets three times a day for 5 days.
     When alcohol abstinence imposed on the 3 ml of 1% solution of 3 times a day.
     Higher doses for adults inside : single 0.06 g (60 mg), 0.18 g daily (180 mg); Parenteral : single 0,045 g (45 mg); Daily 0.09 g (90 mg).
     Children reduce the dose, depending on age; Children under 6 months of preparation is not appointed.
     In applying the drug can decrease blood pressure, aetiology, increased in patients with a stroke of the heart.
     Contraindications : severe atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease with stroke strokes, a violation of cerebral circulation, expressed heart failure.
     Method of issuance : pills to 0,015 grams in a package of 30 pieces; 1% solution in 1 ml ampoules.
     Storage : List B. In the dark spot.
     R p. : Ta b. Roux rr Okha ni 0,015 N. PC.
     D. S. At one tablet three times a day
     R p. : Sol. Roux rr Okha ni 1% 1 ml
     D.t.d. in a mpull. N. 6
     S. At 1 ml under the skin three times a day

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