Fluacizine (phthoracizinum)

FTORATSIZIN (Phthoracizinum). Triftormetil-10- 2 - (3-ethoxylate propionil) - fenotiazina hydrochloride.
     Synonym: Fluacizine.
     White or white with weak kremovatym white crystalline powder and odourless. It is difficult to dissolve in water, easy-to alcohol. Dark to light; PH 1, 25% solution of 3, 8, 4, 8.
     For close to the chemical structure of substances adjunct fenotiazinovogo series.
     Fluacizine have antidepressant effects, combined with a sedative effect. It has a strong central and peripheral holinoliticheskoy activity.
     Apply as an antidepressant in the depressed state of anxiety within the depressed manic psychosis, and schizophrenia, if the clinical picture is expressed Greece violations (fear, anxiety, emotional strain), with rocket and neurotic condition, characterized by depression, and depression caused by neyrolepticheskih use drugs. In the depressed state of slowing, with atipichnyh depression in patients with dientsefalnymi violations and drug involyutsionnoy Melancholy not effective.
     Fluacizine can be combined with other drugs (drugs), brain, stimulants.
     Assign inside (after eating) and intramuscularly. When you receive inside beginning with 0,05 - 0,07 g (50-70 mg) per day (2 - 3 admission), and then gradually increasing the dose. The average therapeutic dose of 0.1 - 0.2 g (up to 0.3 grams) per day. Intramuscularly imposed on 0,025 grams (2 ml of 1, 25% solution) 1 to 2 times a day and then gradually increase the dose and therapeutic effect when it is gradually replacing injection of the drug inside the reception. In connection with the central holinoliticheskim Fluacizine effect can be used as a corrector in ekstrapiramidnyh violations (Parkinsonism, giperkinezy etc.), resulting in brain treatments.
     Assign to 0,01 - 0,06 g (10-60 mg), 1 to 2 times a day inside or 0,01 - 0,04 g (10-40 mg) a day intramuscularly.
     When treating ftoratsizinom possible downgrading AD, weakness, nausea, pain in the limbs. Relatively often drought in the mouth, violation of accommodation, difficult urination.
     The product contraindications for violations of the liver and kidney, stomach ulcer disease, glaucoma, thyroid gland prostate, bladder atony. It appoint Fluacizine with MAO inhibitors.
     Method of production: tablets of 0.01 and 0.025 g, thickly coated (respectively, yellow or green), in a package of 50 pieces; 1, 25% solution of 1 ml ampoule in the package of 10 vials.
     Storage: List B. In a cool, sheltered from the world scene.
     The product is not widely used.

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