Pantripin (pantrypinum)

PANTRIPIN (Pantrypinum).
     The drug, derived from the pancreas major rogagogo livestock.
     Dried yellow powder. Mg in water and isotonic sodium chloride solution.
     Pantripin polipeptidnoy Nature is a substance with the specific inhibition of trypsin activity, himotripsina, kallikreina, plazmina and other protease.
     Pantripina determine biological activity means the ability to lower activity trypsin. In 1 g product contains at least 650 ED.
     Polyvalent antiproteaznaya activity pantripina (and others close to him on the nature of protease inhibitors) defines his very active in acute pancreatitis.
     Current data for acute pancreatitis is changing the process of pancreatic enzymes (trypsin, himotripsina, lipase, etc.). In physiological terms, these enzymes are inactive iron in the form of (zimogennoy) and activated only when in the intestines. Violation of metabolism and the emergence tsitokinazy (as a result of infection, trauma, kamneobrazovany, etc.) can lead to the streams pancreatic enzymes activated, causing samoperevarivanie gland tissue, the emergence vnutritkanevyh bleeding, swelling and other changes.
     Applied for the treatment of acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis recurrence, relapse prevention operations on the stomach and biliary tract, if there is a risk of injury pancreas.
     Bear in mind that in extreme cases, the use pantripina not replace surgical intervention.
     Enter intravenously. In severe forms of pancreatitis are instantly ED 100-125 10-20 ml of 5% glucose solution and isotonic sodium chloride solution. 3 QUIROGA drug introduce drip dose of 25-30 ED in 500 ml 5% glucose solution (with the addition of insulin at a rate of one for every three ED-4 g glucose) or isotonic sodium chloride solution. Spilling a solution pantripina produce at the rate of 40-60 drops per minute. On the first day of preparation can be repeated up to a total dose of 250-300 ED. In the next day to be 120-150 ED (depending on the picture of the disease). Introduction to repeat clinical recovery.
     In milder forms of the disease early dose of 12-25 ED, further establish dose depending on the condition of the patient (to introduce drip).
     In biliary, duodenalnyh, high intestinal fistula and others are introducing drip on 6 - ED 12; Dose change in the future depending on the clinical picture; Enter one every day. Oseltamivir (with operations in the abdominal) Appoint 50-80 ED.
     Pantripin also used in cataract removal operations using himotripsina (see), a brake excess of enzyme imposed camera eyes. After 2 to 3 minutes after himotripsina in the front and back camera eye wash their solution pantripina in isotonic sodium chloride solution.
     With caution should appoint people prone to allergic reactions. There is a need for careful monitoring of patients; Treatment should be under the control of amylase in blood and urine and other biochemical indicators that measure body temperature, blood tests, etc. When events intolerances drug overturned.
     Product : in the hermetically ukuporennyh bottles and 6, 12, 15; 20 and 30 ED
     Storage : dry, the dark place at a temperature of not more than + 20 'C.

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