Novoimanin (novoimaninum)

NOVOIMANIN (Novoimaninum).
     Antibacterial drugs derived from plants Hypericum CSBG (Nur ricum re rforatum L.).
     Sappy reddish-yellow mass with pleasing special smell. Diluted nerastvorim almost in the water, easily soluble in alcohol.
     A predominantly gram microorganisms, including staphylococci resistant to penicillin.
     External applied.
     The main drug of novoimanina a 1% solution in 95% ethanol; A transparent liquid amber.
     When treating abscesses, phlegmons infected wounds, etc. apply for washing, soak napkins and tampons 0.1% novoimanina solution, which are grown 1% alcohol solution sterile distilled water, isotonic sodium chloride solution and 10% glucose solution. When treating burns can be 0,1% solution obtained by cultivating 1% alcohol solution 0.25% anestezina solution.
     In abstsediruyuschih pneumonia and piopnevmotorakse available inhalation (aerosol) 0.1% novoimanina solution (1% solution in alcohol to throw 10 times 10% glucose solution).
     In otorinolaringologicheskoy practice (with investments otites, nasal, etc.) using 0.01 -0.1%, solutions obtained by cultivating alcohol solution sterile distilled water.
     Product : 1% alcohol solution in orange glass bottles to 10 ml.
     Storage : List B. In the dark place at a temperature no higher than + 10 C.
     Solutions obtained by cultivating 1% alcohol solution novoimanina, suitable for use within 1 day.

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