Nitroksolin (nitroxolinum)

NITROKSOLIN (Nitroxolinum). 5-Nitro-8- Oxyquinoline.
     Synonyms : 5-NOK (from the first letters of chemical compounds called "5-nitro-8-oksihinol) 5-NOK, Nibiol, Nikinol, Nikopet, Nitroxoline, Niuron, Noxibiol, Noxin, Uritrol and others.
     Melkokristallichesky powder yellow green. Nerastvorim almost in the water.
     Has anti-gram for gram, and bacteria; Also effective against some fungi (Candida type, etc.).
     Unlike other derivatives oksihinolina 8-, 5-NOK is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and allocated unchanged to the kidneys, hence a high concentration of drug and urine.
     Applied with urinary infection routes (medicine, anesthetic, Urethritis, prostate, etc.) and to prevent infections after operations on the kidneys and urinary tract, as well as other diseases caused by susceptible to this drug microorganisms. Often effective for sustainability microflora to other antibacterial means.
     Assign inside. Average daily intake for adults 0.4 g (0.1 g to 4 times a day). The length of treatment depends on the nature and severity of the disease. In most cases treated 2-3 weeks. If necessary, conduct refresher courses with a two-week break. In severe cases, the daily dose increased to 0.15 g 0,2-4 times a day.
     The highest daily intake for adults 0.8 g.
     Average daily intake for children older than 5 years 0.2 -0.4 g (4 g of 0,05-0,1 times a day), under 5 years - 0.2 grams per day.
     Duration of treatment 2 -3 weeks. In chronic urinary infection of the preparation may be re-appointed for two weeks with a 2-week break.
     To prevent infections from the operations in the kidneys and urinary tract to appoint to receive 0.1 g 4 times a day for 2 to 3 weeks.
     The drug is usually well. Sometimes there diarrhoeal events (nausea), so it is recommended to take in food. Can allergic rashes.
     When kidney failure should exercise caution due to the potential for cumulative drug.
     Urine drug for the treatment of shafranovo- dyed yellow.
     In case of hypersensitivity to the product of 8-oksihinolina drug contraindications.
     Product : pills; Coated orange to 0.05 g (50 mg) in a package of 50 pieces.
     Storage : List B. In dry, the dark spot.

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