Midokalm (mydocalm)

MIDOKALM (Mydocalm). 1-methyl Piperidino-2- parameters tolilpropanona-3- hydrochloride.
     Synonyms : Menopatol, Mideton, Miodom, Mydeton, Pipetopropanone, Tolperison hydrochloride.
     Midokalm has complex effects on the central nervous system : blocking polisinapticheskie spinal reflexes, strychnine and reduces toxicity suppresses caused them more reflexive excitability. These properties midokalma bring it to the central Ward (Meprobamate, etc.). There is evidence that midokalm has a dampening effect on the election portion of the formation of brain structures, while reducing Spasticity. It has also central n holinoliticheskimi properties. At the peripheral nervous system divisions expressed no influence, and has a weak sosudorasshiryayuschey spasmolytic activity.
     Applied diseases involving pathological increase crosscutting striped tone muscles : the brain and spinal paralysis with increased tone, cramps, spinal automaticity in contracture limbs caused by spinal cord injury, and paraparezah paraplegiyah, multiple sclerosis and other diseases where there dystonia , rigidity, cramps.
     It can be used in the movement disorders associated with extrapiramidale diseases (postentsefalitichesky and arteriosklerotichesky parkinsonizm), and rising tone muscles pyramid origin.
     There are performance midokalma with epilepsy and mental disorders associated with encephalopathy in children. The drug is also used for relaxation and reduction of complications of Electro-traumatic therapy.
     Assign the inside, starting with one of Bean 0.05 g, 2 to 3 times a day and gradually increase the dose to two pills at the reception 2 to 3 times a day. Children are 1 / 2 pellets, then coated 1 2 - 3 times a day.
     The drug can be taken long-term rates to 3 or 4 weeks off for 2 - 3 months.
     There are indications that midokalm has salts effect and can be applied to remove angiospazmov, and improve blood circulation, and that the drug reduces adhesive activity platelets.
     Midokalm usually well. In some cases, can sense light intoxication, headache, increased irritability, sleeping. These phenomena are smaller doses or temporarily suspend the admission of the drug.
     Product : Bean to 0.05 grams in a package of 30 pieces.
     Storage : List B.

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