Mukofalk (mucofalk)

MUKOFALK (Mucofalk).
     Contains fiber from the outer shell seeds podorozhnika Plantago ovata, which retain water in quantities much greater than their weight, the consequence of which is an increase in the volume and softening stool.
     When applied in the usual constipation, bowel syndrome irritation and illness Krona.
     Assign inside to 5 grams (1 teaspoonful to 1 cup water) 2-6 times a day.
     Possible side effects : urticaria, increased flatulence and the feeling of fullness in the stomach (in the early days of treatment).
     The drug is contraindicated in intussusception, poorly controlled diabetes, in the age of 12.
     Product : granules for suspension for receiving inside bags of 5 g and at banks for 150 and 300

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