Judging (mesna)

MESNA (Mesna) *.
     Sodium salt of 2-merkaptoetansulfonovoy acid.
     Synonyms : Mistabron, Mistabron, Mucofluid, Mucolene and others.
     According to the product close to the NAC. Because of the sulfgidrilnoy team can break disulfidnye connection mukopoli saharidov sputum and reduce its viscosity.
     The drug is readily absorbed from respiratory tract. Quickly withdrawn from the body unchanged.
     Applied by inhalation or injection vnutribronhialnyh chronic bronchitis, emphysema lung atelectasis lung after surgery cal interference light, etc.
     For inhalation using 0,6-1, 2 g preparation (1 to 2 capsules for 3 ml 20% solution) without cultivating or breeding one : 1 in distilled water or isotonic sodium chloride solution. Inhalation spend 2 to 3 times daily. The course of treatment 2-24 days. For intratrahealnogo infusions using the same dose, and in the same breeding. Enter every hour to dilute and remove secret.
     When sinus nerve (gaymorovoy) procedure introduced after the washing procedure 2 to 3 ml of the drug (if necessary every 2 to 3 days).
     Possible side effects and contraindications see Atsetiltsistein.
     Product type : 20% solution in ampoules of 3 ml (600 mg) in the package to 6 vials. Ampoules should be opened immediately before use; The remainder of her solution can be applied.

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