Megosin (megosinum)

MEGOSIN (Megosinum). 1, 1 ', 6, 6-Tetraoksi-5 5'- diisopropyl-3 3'- dimethyl-7 - 8 7'- diokso, 8'- dimetiliminoetansulfokisloty dinatrievaya salt-2 2'- dinaftalina.
     Amorphous powder from yellow to dark amber with a greenish tint. Night Light. Very little is soluble in water and alcohol.
     External applied in the form of masi with faster skin diseases. Apply a thin layer to the stricken area three times a day for 4 to 6 days.
     Product : 3% ointment of 10 banks in orange glass.
     Storage : Keep in a cool place protected from the light.

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