Mefloquine (mefloquine)

MEFLOHIN (Mefloquine).
     DL- erythrocytes? 2-Piperidil-2, 8-bis (trifluoromethyl) -4 - hinolinmetanol.
     Synonym : Lariam, Lariam.
     Powder burning and slightly bitter taste.
     For high gematoshizontotsidnoy activity against P.falciparum and P.vivax. Also effective in circulating shizontov P.ovale and P.malariae.
     Well absorbed in the digestive tract, C max c leaves 7-24 h; Biotransformation exposed in the liver, appears slowly (T? - 13-33 days) mostly with feces.
     Applied for the prevention and treatment of malaria caused by P.falciparum, including resistance to chloroquine, hloridinu and other antimalarial drugs, as well as to prevent malaria, caused P.ovale, P.vivax and P.malariae.
     Assign inside (after eating) for the prevention of 0.25 g adults one day a week for a week before entering the home, throughout his stay in the middle and four weeks after leaving it.
     In the treatment of adults inside the designated 0,015 g (15 mg) (as a reason) for 1 kg of body weight, once (only 1.25 grams).
     Possible side effects : neuralgia, ataxy, hearing and vision impairment, aetiology, mialgiya, disruption of the liver, thrombocytopenia, etc.
     Contraindications expressed in violation of liver and kidney disease in neuropsychiatric disorder (epilepsy, depression, etc.), pregnancy and breast-feeding.
     Product : pills to 0.25 g (s) (N. 4, 8).
     Storage : List B.

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