Ketosteril (ketosteril)
KETOSTERIL (Ketosteril)
     The composition and the form of :
Pill-coated. table 1.
active ingredients :
DL--methyl okso-2- calcium valerinat (? ketoanalog - isoleucine) : 67 mg
- methyl okso-2- calcium valerinat (? ketoanalog-leucine) : 101 mg
okso-2--phenyl calcium propionat acid (? ketoanalog - phenylalanine) : 68 mg
okso-2- calcium-methyl butyrate (? ketoanalog - valine) : 86 mg
DL- gidroksi-2- calcium-methylbutyrate (? gidroksianalog-methionine) : 59 mg
- L-lysine monoatsetat : 105 mg
- L-Threonine : 53 mg
- L-Triptaphan : 23 mg
- L-Histidine : 38 mg
- L-Tyrosine : 30 mg
Other ingredients : corn starch, 44 mg; polivinilpirrolidon-6 mg; talc - 19.57 mg; - colloidal silicon dioxide, 4.4 mg; magnesium stearate 15 mg; polyethylene 6000 - 12.8 mg; polivinilpirrolidon soluble - 43 2 mg
skin Pill : talc - 9.1 mg; polyethylene 6000-1.48 mg; hinolinovy yellow E104 - 0.72 mg; eudragit E12, 5 - 5.9 mg; triatsetin - 0.43 mg of titanium dioxide, 7.4 mg
the content of calcium in pill - 1.25 mmol = 0.05 g
20 pc in blisters. ; in soldered 5 per package; in one stack of cardboard package.
     Description pharmaceutical form : Prodolgovatye, dvoyakovypuklye tablets, coated yellow.
     Description : Combined preparation for the full supply of indispensable amino acids, with a minimum nitrogen.
     The drugs act : Normalizuyuschee metabolic processes.
Ketonovye similar amino acids in the body fermentativno transaminiruyutsya to the L-amino acids, splitting with urea.
Nitrogen promotes recycling products exchange, anabolizmu proteins while reducing the urea concentration in serum. Improves nitrogen exchange. Reduces ion concentrations of potassium, magnesium and phosphate.
     Clinical pharmacology : The systematic use of the drug has seen an improvement of patients with chronic renal insufficiency. In some cases, can delay the initiation of dialysis.
     Indication : Protein-energy malnutrition, prevention and treatment of conditions caused by modified or insufficient protein metabolism in chronic renal failure in adults and children 3 years. Mainly used in patients with klubochkovoy filtering speeds below 25 ml / min.
     Contraindications : Giperchuvstvitelnost, giperkaltsiemiya breach of the exchange amino acids.
When hereditary phenylketonuria should keep in mind that product contains Phenylalanine.
     Application of pregnancy and breast-feeding : The experience of pregnancy is missing.
     Side Effects : In some cases, giperkaltsiemiya may develop allergic reactions (in patients with hypersensitivity to the drug component).
     Networking : With the simultaneous application of calcium therapy may increase calcium in the blood serum.
As uremicheskih reduce symptoms by Ketosterila dose of a designated aluminum hydroxide should be reduced accordingly.
Care should be taken in the level of phosphate in the blood serum.
In order not to violate the absorption in the gut, not to be taken together with Ketosterilom LS, capable of combining with calcium compounds of poorly (tetracycline, Moldova, iron and fluorinated drugs and estramustin). Between admission Ketosterila and these drugs should be spaced at least 2 hours
     Dosing and Administration : inside, not liquid, while food. Adults and children from 3 years to 1 table. 5 kg of body weight per day or 0.1 g / kg standard weight per day.
Usual adult dose for weight 70 kg-table 4-8. three times a day; for children under 1 table. 5 kg of body weight per day.
Ketosteril appointed throughout the period when the speed klubochkovoy filtering below 25 ml / min. In preddializny period recommended protein content in food is not more than 40 grams of protein per day (depending on the degree of chronic renal failure). Recommended protein food for children 3-10 years - 1,4-0,8 g / kg / day, from 10 years and above, 1-0,6 g / kg / day. For patients in dialysis, protein intake should be in accordance with the recommendations.
     Precautions : It should regularly monitor the level of calcium in blood serum. Doing giperkaltsiemii to reduce admission of vitamin D. If giperkaltsiemiya remains Ketosterila dose should be reduced, as well as other sources of calcium.
     Special instructions : Need to ensure adequate calorie foods.
     Shelf life : 3 years
     Storage conditions : dry, the dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C

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