Interferon alfa-2a (interferon alfa-2a)

INTERFERON ALFA-2a (Interferon alfa-2a)
     The drugs act : Interferon. It is a highly sterile protein, which contains 165 amino acids. Leykotsitarnomu identical to the human interferon alpha-2. Has antivirus, and ummunomodulating antitumor activity. Perhaps the antiviral and anticancer mechanism of action is the new RNA synthesis, DNA and proteins. Ingibiruet replication of viruses in cells infected with viruses. Increases phagocytal activity of macrophages, and makes a specific cytotoxic lymphocytes in the target cells.
     Pharmacokinetics : Following in / m maximum concentration of interferon alpha-2 and noted by 3.8 h After S / to a maximum concentration achieved through 7.3 hours The volume of distribution after / in a concentration equilibrium in the face of an average 0.4 litres / kg. Interferon alpha-2 is a fast metabolism in the kidney and to a lesser extent in the liver. Write mainly kidneys. The half averaged 5.1 hours
     Indication : Combination therapy in adults : an acute viral hepatitis B (moderate and severe forms of early jaundiced period to 5-day jaundice), a severe prolonged hepatitis B, chronic active hepatitis B and D without signs of cirrhosis and when they first; Viral ( influenza virus, adenovirusny, enterovirusny, investigated, parotitny), and mikoplazmenny virusno- bacterial meningitis; viral conjunctivitis, keratokonyunktivit, keratitis; stage IV kidney cancer, volosato- cell leukemia, malignant lymphoma skin Kaposi sarcoma (including with AIDS) , leykemichesky retikuloendotelioz, bazalno- and squamous cell skin cancer, keratoakantoma, chronic mieloleykoz; multiple sclerosis.
Combination therapy in children : acute lymphoblastic leukemia in remission after chemotherapy inductive (4-5 th month remission), respiratory papillomatoz larynx (the next day after the removal of papillomas).
     Contraindications : Increased susceptibility to drugs interferon expressed violations as liver or kidney, serious heart disease, epilepsy.
     The use of interferon alpha-2 in pregnancy is justified only if the benefits of therapy over the potential risk to the fetus. If necessary, use during lactation should decide on the termination of breast-feeding.
Women of childbearing age in the face of interferon alpha-2 and should be reliable methods of contraception.
     Side Effects : Grippopodobny syndrome : weakness, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, pain in joints and increased sweating.
From the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system : dizziness, visual, depression, sputannost consciousness, nervousness, anxiety, sleep disorders, parestezii, neuropathy, tremor; Rarely expressed disturbances, convulsions, coma, a violation of cerebral circulation, coronary retinopathy.
From the digestive system : loss of appetite, nausea; Rarely, vomiting, diarrhoea, reduced weight, low or moderate abdominal pain, increased ALT activity, SCHF, cium increasing concentration in the serum, constipation, flatulence, flatulence; In some cases, relapses ulcers and bleeding from the digestive tract.
From the cardiovascular system : changes in AD, swelling, cyanosis, adults, a sense of heartbeat, pain in the chest; Rarely is a small irritation, cough; In some cases, swelling of the lungs, symptoms of chronic heart failure, sudden cardiac arrest, cardiac infarction.
For the urinary system : proteinuriya; Seldom-raising urea, creatinine and uric acid in blood plasma.
For part of the blood : transient radiation; Rarely, thrombocytopenia, a decrease in hemoglobin and gematokrita.
Baby reaction : rash, itch, Alopecia, dry skin and mucous membranes.
Other : temporary impotence, rhinitis, nasal bleeding.
     Special instructions : Do not use in patients with chronic hepatitis receiving or have recently received therapy immunosuppressants; In chronic mieloleykoze in patients with an allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in the near future.
With the utmost care and under close medical supervision applied to the oppression of bone marrow function.
In the treatment process requires systematic monitoring functions bone marrow, liver, kidneys, as well as regular neurological patients.
For some patients after the introduction of preparations containing homologous protein may education relevant antibodies. It is likely that some patients can detect antibodies to interferon (both natural and recombinant). In some diseases (including in malignant tumors, systemic lupus red, herpes zoster) antibodies to interferon leykotsitarnomu rights can occur spontaneously in patients previously had never received interferon.
When the regime dispensing account generality disease symptoms, the degree of oppression, or other bone marrow disorders, caused by therapy. When a heavy dose of side effects reduces by 50% or temporarily stop therapy.
When using interferon alpha-2 and should take into account the possibility of drug interactions with both appointed by the influence of drugs at mikrosomalnye liver enzyme system.
The impact on the ability to drive a car and control mechanisms
At the beginning of therapy should refrain from potentially hazardous activities that require attention, psychomotor quick reactions until the stabilization of interferon alpha-2.
Interferon alfa-2a in the form of powder injection and solution for injection ZHNVLS included in the list.
     Drug interactions : Interferon alfa-2 and can exacerbate neurotoxic, or mielotoksicheskoe kardiotoksicheskoe surgeon, naznachavshihsya before or simultaneously with it.
     Dosing and Administration : Enter S / to, in / m in konyunktivalny bag subkonyunktivalno, a hotbed or home defeat (in some tumors). Dose and treatment set individually, depending on the severity of the patient, testimony, as bone marrow. In volosato- cell leukemia initial dose for adults is in the S / or to / m 3 million a IU / day for 16-24 weeks. For maintenance therapy S / or to / m 3 million to establish ME 3 times a week.
In Sarcoma initial dose for the a / m or p / to the introduction of 36 million IU / day for 10-12 weeks. When maintenance therapy in / m or p / to be 36 million IU three times a week.

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